10 Ways To Beat The Monday Blues [Infographic]

Does the start of each working week leave you with feelings of anxiety, stress or sadness? Do you find it difficult to get out of bed every Monday morning? Do you lack any motivation for the week ahead?

If you answered yes to any of these, there’s a very good chance you’re suffering from the Monday Blues!

A poll revealed that 78% of respondents experience the blues as early as Sunday evening and researchers from Stony Brook University found when interviewing 340,000 individuals that our moods significantly improve on Fridays and get even better on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you’re struggling to beat the Monday blues, here’s 10 ways to kick start your working week:


Kickstart Your Working WeekIdentify The Problem

To beat the blues, ask yourself what the problem is.

If the ‘Monday Blues’ persists and occurs most weeks, it could be a sign that you’re unhappy at work for one or more reasons.

Make a list of things which bring you down in your job and work out ways to reverse these.

Prepare For Monday On Friday

Many cite the reason for feeling down on Monday morning is due to work which has piled up the week before.

Put together a plan for each week and work out ways to ensure you tackle the tasks you least enjoy at the end of a week leaving the start of the week free for the more enjoyable tasks.

If there are unpleasant tasks you have to do on a Monday, get these done as early as possible.

Get A Great Night’s Sleep On Sunday

Allow yourself to get between seven and nine hour’s sleep on a Sunday night so you wake up on Monday feeling refreshed.

Sleep-deprivation and Monday mornings don’t mix well together so by keeping Sunday night free to relax and hit the hay early, you’ll feel much more prepared for the week ahead.

Post A Motivational Quote On Social Media

Celebrities do it regularly so why shouldn’t you? Take to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (or even all three) and post a motivational quote.

It’s a well-known fact that people need cheering up on a Monday morning and by posting something motivational and inspiring, you’ll not only help yourself but others as well.

Make this a weekly thing and you’ll never look back!

Have A Sing-Song In The Shower

Bizarre as it sounds, researchers at the University of Manchester have declared that singing affects a little organ in your inner ear called the sacculus.

This largely-unknown about organ floods your brain with endorphins, helping to make you feel happy about the day ahead.

Go on…give us a rendition of your favourite song!

Smile, Smile & Smile Some More

A spate of recent studies of have suggested that our emotions are reinforced—perhaps even driven—by their corresponding facial expressions.

If you want to feel your best on a Monday morning, smile, smile and then smile some more!

Smile at the cat, the dog, the bus driver and most of all your boss! Smile at anyone who you’re given the opportunity to.

Try Some Early Morning Exercise

It’s no hidden secret that exercise releases endorphins so do yourself a favour and start your week with an early morning workout.

Go for a run, go to the gym…even take the dogs out for a walk!

Exercise will help put you in a better place to start the working week and motivate you to get up and get things done.

Inject Some Mid-Week Fun

A common mistake people make is to save all of their fun for the weekends. Don’t!

Try to plan a couple of enjoyable activities (a cinema trip, a get together with friends or even a meal at a local restaurant) for the middle of the week and you’ll have something to look forward to before the weekend.

Dress For Success

Save that brand new outfit for Monday morning! This can help to boost your confidence and feel great; something which we all know helps to lift our mood.

When you look good, you feel good so dress for success each Monday and you’ll quickly forget that the blues feels like! You may even pick up a couple of compliments from colleagues as well.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Jump start your day with a healthy and hearty breakfast. Feeling hungry is never a great way to start any day, let alone Monday.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so, whatever you do, make sure you get it right.

Porridge, eggs and fruit (not necessarily all together!) are great foods to start your day with and will ensure you feel full until lunchtime.

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