15 Sleep Gadgets You Need to Try in 2017

These days it seems we are becoming more and more aware that we may not be getting enough sleep. A good night’s sleep is so important, yet many of us sacrifice sleep in order to get more done or struggle because of stress. Recently we told you about how sleep deprivation is actually affecting the economy, so we really should all be making it our number one priority.


With that in mind, we’ve gathered together this list of 15 gadgets you should try in 2017 if you want to improve or monitor your sleep, or just make your life a little bit easier.


Sleep Number 360 Bed

From cold toes to a snoring partner, this bed can solve all your comfort issues to give you the best possible night’s rest. Gone are the days of having to compromise over who gets to be the most comfortable, as you can adjust the temperature for each side of the bed independently, and of course it also has an app to tell you exactly what went on during the night, and the quality of your sleep!


Moona Smart Pillow

If you love the idea of the Number 360 Bed, the Moona Smart Pillow is along the same lines. It cools down your head, to help you fall asleep faster, and also warms you in the morning to aid waking.



Are you buckled up? This device is rather different from others on this list because it is worn as a belt around your waist. It measures your breathing and then plays tones which help to regulate your breathing and induce sleep.


 Sense with Voice

Arguably the most aesthetically pleasing device on this list, the Sense is a sleep monitor that sits on your bedside table and corresponds to a Sleep Pill which you attach to your pillow. It tracks your sleep trends, provides feedback, and makes suggestions for improvement. You can use the voice activation to do things such as set the alarm or play sounds to send you to sleep.


Neuroon Sleep Mask

This sleep mask does more than just block out the light. It contains technology to help you fall asleep faster, wake you up with a simulated sunrise, and it can even help you to beat jetlag! This one is great for people who fly frequently, work shifts or need to take power naps, as well as the rest of us who just want to improve our sleep.


Kryo Sleep Performance System

Currently being funded on Indiegogo, this should be ready to ship later in 2017. A mattress topper that is controlled by an app, this gadget helps to control the temperature of your bed helps to optimise it to improve your REM and deep sleep.



This device is non-contact, unlike many of the others. It sits on your bedside table, and uses motion sensors to detect things such as your breathing. It also measures things in your room like noise, temperature, and light. Of course, it comes with an app and will learn your habits, provide you with a sleep score, and makes suggestions to improve your sleep. 


Beddit 3

Selling out twice since it launched in October 2016, the Beddit 3 is similar to many of the products mentioned in that it tracks your activity, both while you sleep, and during the day, and then reports on what works best for you. It sits on top of your mattress, under your sheet, and connects to your phone via Bluetooth to deliver the stats to the corresponding app. 


Withings Aura

You’ve probably heard of sunrise or body clock alarms before, which wake you up by simulating a sunrise. The Withings Aura is more advanced than this, using coloured light and specialised playlists to help you drift off and wake up. It connects to Spotify if you have an account or a choice of web radio stations. It also measures the room temperature, light, and ambient noise levels, and has an app to give you these stats.

There is also an optional sleep sensor accessory, similar to the Beddit, which sits under your mattress and measures your sleep cycles. 


Misfit Shine 2

While this is a general activity tracker, it also tracks your sleep. It is also swim proof, so essentially you never need to take it off. This is a great gadget to invest in if you really want to have an overview of your activity all day long.


Jawbone UP3

Another wearable that tracks your sleep alongside your daily activity is the Jawbone UP3. This is similar to the Shine 2, but also allows you to track things such as what you eat, via the app. Sleep wise it measures your heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, and what phase of sleep you are in. 


Microsoft Band

This wearable from Microsoft aims to help you become healthier, and achieve more. It monitors things such as heart rate and activity, as well as sleep quality. It also lets you control your music from your band, and receive notifications for emails, texts, and calendar events.



Moving away from gadgets which track your sleep, this is never the less a great piece of tech for your bed and will save you the trouble of actually making your bed in the morning. It attaches to your existing duvet, and uses inflatable technology to straighten your duvet up for you!


Sound Asleep Pillow

Slightly more affordable than many of the gadgets on this list, and one that we actually stock ourselves, the Sound Asleep Pillow is a simple way for you to listen to your favourite music in bed, without having to wear uncomfortable headphones. You can control the volume, so that only you can hear it and you don’t disturb your partner, and connect it to any audio device with a 3.5mm audio jack.



Another gadget that isn’t strictly designed to help you sleep, the iKettle is a super smart kettle that will save you time, and let you stay in bed just a few minutes longer. It boils water remotely via an app and allows you to specify the exact temperature of the water.


It can even keep it warm for you, or keep the water at the perfect temperature for night feeds with Formula mode, a godsend for new parents who have to get up in the middle of the night.


Ultimately some of these devices will be more suited to you depending on what you wish to track, but there are some really exciting gadgets on the market that are well worth trying out. If you liked this post, keep an eye on our blog for more posts on sleep tips.