25 Of The Best Sleep Blogs To Follow In 2016


Here at, we love keeping up with the latest news in the world of sleep, including the latest sleep gadgets, and tips to ensure that we get the best night’s sleep possible.

There are loads of fantastic sleep blogs out there ranging from helpful tips on how to avoid insomnia in kids and adults to more specific blogs dealing with disorders such as narcolepsy and back pain.

Browse the blogs by the categories below:



The Sleep Council

The Sleep Council is funded by the National Bed Federation, a body which represents UK bed manufacturers.

They aim to educate consumers on how important a good night’s sleep is, providing helpful advice and tips on how to improve sleep quality, as well as how to choose the right bed.

They often work with other organisations to produce surveys and research projects such as how beds deteriorate over time and comparing quality of sleep on a new bed compared to an old one.

They even run their own awareness events, including National Bed Month (in March) and National Sleep In Day (the day when the clocks go back!). is the blog of the American National Sleep Foundation and covers everything you could ever want to know about sleep, with the aim of “Starting a movement about the positive benefits of sleep health”.

The four topics which they broadly categorise their posts into are ‘age’, ‘bedroom’, ‘lifestyle’ and ‘science’.

Recent articles include ‘Does Everyone Observe Daylight Saving Time’, ‘Maximising Sleep During Summer Travel’ and ‘Transition Your Kid’s Bedtime for Back to School’.

It’s one of the widest ranging and best sleep blogs out there, so whatever your interest, it’s worth a look.


Sleep Junkies

Sleep Junkies publish a wide range of sleep-related articles, covering everything you could ever wish to know.

For example, they have sections covering how sleep affects your health, the science behind sleep, how to help manage your kids’ sleep and news on all the latest sleep tech and gadgets.

They also often have interviews with experts and product reviews or sleep-related tech.

According to their site, their mission is to “Educate, raise awareness and let people know that sleep is not “a criminal waste of time”, (as Thomas Edison said) but it’s a life-giving, life-changing activitythat can make you fitter, stronger, smarter, happier and healthier.”


Spine Health

While not solely focused on sleep, this spine health blog has a useful section relating entirely to sleep and is a great resource for anyone who suffers from back problems.

They have blogs covering topics such as power-napping at work, tips of buying a new mattress, supplements to help you sleep, and some more unconventional methods to sleep with a bad back.

While you might not suffer from a specific back condition, we all suffer from aches and pains during the night at some point, so this blog is definitely worth checking out.


Snore Centre

This blog is specifically tailored for those who suffer from snoring, which as you might have guessed, is quite a large portion of the population!

It’s the blog of the Sleeping Disorder Centre which is a service led by consultant Mr Michael Oko and aims to provide prompt diagnosis and treatment of various sleep problems.

Their posts are fairly heavy on the science behind snoring and other sleep problems but it’s all very helpful stuff.

They also have a section which details patient’s stories so you can see the kind of work that they’ve done.


Wake Up Narcolepsy

Another blog which focuses exclusively on narcolepsy is that of Wake Up Narcolepsy, a non-profit organisation which drives awareness and looks for a cure for the condition.

The blog pulls in contributions from people who have been affected by the condition in a number of different ways, whether they’ve suffered from it themselves, or are perhaps parents of children with narcolepsy.

Wake Up Narcolepsy also does a lot of fundraising work and has organised events in the past such as a night of narcolepsy inspired comedy.



Sleep Experts

Doctor Stephen Park

Dr Steven Y. Park is an American surgeon and author who works specifically towards helping patients breathe and sleep better.

Dr Park has experience working as an ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor, which he now uses to help those struggling with sleep.

Breathing problems account for a surprising amount of sleep-related disorders, and this blog looks at how diet, lifestyle, exercise and your overall environment can play in helping ease breathing ailments, especially sleep apnoea.

He also even has a podcast so that you can get all the latest sleep tips while you’re on the go!


Insomnia Land

Nope, not some strange insomnia-themed theme park, but a blog aimed at how to keep it at bay!

The blog is run by Martin Reed, who was frustrated at the lack of information available to insomnia sufferers.

In particular, he examines the links between insomnia and other underlying conditions such as chronic pain, bipolar disorder, and even the menopause.

And of course, he also offers a number of tips to help you beat your insomnia (without having to rely on sleeping pills).

The site also hosts an insomnia support forum so that you can share your experiences with other sufferers.


Wide Awake and Dreaming

This blog is particularly interesting as it focuses specifically on narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder which affects the brain’s ability to regulate our sleep cycle, meaning night-time sleep is disrupted and sufferers experience excessive daytime sleepiness.

It’s a condition that affects an estimated 30,000 in the UK but it’s widely misunderstood.

Julie Flygare is a narcolepsy sufferer and has worked to change this, sharing her own personal stories, even writing her own book and acting as a spokesperson for the condition.

A recent episode of The Simpsons in which Homer develops narcolepsy was even modified after the writers read one of Julie’s articles!


The Sleep Doctor

Michael J. Breus is known as the Sleep Doctor and is a clinical psychologist and sleep expert.

A well-known figure in the sleep community, Dr Breus often speaks to Fortune 500 companies and their employees on how best to manage their sleep health, as well as being featured in publications such as the Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

His blog focuses a lot on the impact that technology has upon our sleep, including how social media use can keep us up at night, or the dangers of allowing your children to use smartphones or tablets late at night.


Sleep Sisters

As the name suggests, this blog is run by two sisters, Melissa Freidman Zdrodowski and Dr Debbie Freidman Sasson.

The two are sleep consultants based in the US and share their expertise and experiences on their blog.

They mainly focus on discussing how to get your children to sleep, including topics such as swaddling newborn or how to prepare your child for their first ever sleepover.

Getting your kids off to sleep can be one of the biggest challenges of being a parent, so some of their advice truly is invaluable!


The Sleep School

The Sleep School is a site run by sleep therapist Dr Guy Meadows who offers digital based training for individuals and organisations who struggle to get a good night’s sleep.

They’ve worked with some big companies such as Procter & Gamble, the Met Police and Huffington Post, and Dr Guy has his own blog on the site.

The blog also features guests post by other sleep experts on the latest approaches to curing insomnia.



Child Sleep Experts

The Warm Milk Journal

The blog is run by a mum in the US named Debra who has suffered from insomnia due to anxiety for many years.

She set up the blog to help out other people in similar situations who are feeling worn down and unable to get a good night’s sleep.

While she offers tips on things such as making your bedroom as comfortable as possible, she goes a little further and looks at the role our lifestyles as a whole can affect our sleep.

For example, she offers tips on meditation and breathing exercise as well as other methods that have proved successful.


Let Sleeping Blogs Lie

This blog comes all the way from Australia and is run by Shaz Fisher who combines blogging about sleep health with other topics covering things such as parenting, relationships and dreaming.

For example, recent blog posts have covered topics such as how to maintain a ‘sleep life balance’, how to get troublesome toddlers off to sleep, and how to wake up feeling refreshed first thing in the morning.

The blog has been running since 2012 and is still going strong to this day!


The Sleep Lady

The Sleep Lady, also known as Kim West, focuses on insomnia in kids and the impact that that can have on the rest of the family.

Kim has her own book ‘Good Night, Sleep Tight’ which has come to be known as ‘The Sleep Bible’ among parents!

She’s a licensed social worker and has done lots of work on treating sleep disorders in youngsters.

On her blog, she shares her own tips through blog posts and videos, as well as sharing some of the latest sleep gadgets and programs that can help with insomnia.


Precious Little Sleep

Aside from a puntastic name, this blog focuses on how to get small children and particularly babies off to sleep.

The site has sleep guides for babies from 0-3 months old up to 9-12 months, providing specific tips and tricks.

The blog’s author is Alexis Dubief, who has been running it for the last five years. She’s also married to a college professor, which means that she has access to a great range of academic research for her blogs.

She’s also in the process of writing her own book which is due to be released soon.


The Sleep Sense Program

This blog is run by a US sleep consultant by the name of Dana Obleman. She has run programmes relating to kids who are fussy eaters, those who need potty training, and now how to get them a good night’s sleep.

She aims to help get your kids off to sleep while also taking into account the fact that mum and dad need to get some sleep as well!

The blog contains all the usual helpful sleep tips for children and toddlers, covering topics such as when to stop using bottles for babies, and how to avoid overtiredness.



Sleep Apps and Tech


Sleepio is a site where you can take their special test to build your own personal ‘sleep improvement programme’, whether it be falling asleep or easier or wanting to wake up feeling more refreshed.

They also have a blog in which they regularly get expert advice on all manner of sleep-related topics such as the relationship between sleep and mental health and how the clocks going back can have an effect on your sleep.

Their team often speak at events and panels and these are always covered on the blog as well.



If you like to be up on the latest technology, you might well own a Fitbit, a wearable activity tracker which can measure a number of things such as your heart rate, number of steps walked in a day, and of course, your quality of sleep.

Their online blog contains a section specifically dedicated to sleep, which covers a range of sleep-related topics.

While a lot of the content relates to the Fitbit product and how fitness relates to sleep, there’s still plenty of interest here even if you don’t own one.



Eight is one of the first proposed ‘smart mattresses’, fitted with sensors which will personalise and improve your sleep based on your sleeping habits.

While the product itself isn’t available in the UK yet, their blog still makes for an interesting read.

For example, they have articles explaining things such as why deep sleep is important, as well as a Q&A with Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington who is a big advocate of getting a goof night’s rest.

They also post updates on the development of the Eight mattress which is very interesting if you’re interested in the latest sleep tech.



Beddit is a sleep tracker which simply sits underneath your bedsheet and keeps track of your sleep and then delivering a report to the app on your phone in the morning.

Their blog is quite interesting as it takes a look at a lot of case studies of how people from different walks of life have improved their sleep cycles and the benefits that this has had on them.

They also place a big emphasis on the role of sleep data and how this can help us improve our sleep behaviour.




The Huffington Post

“Hold on a second” you might be thinking, “Isn’t the Huffington Post just a news site?”. Well yes, technically it is, but we thought it was worth point out anyway, as they have a partnership with the Stanford University sleep sciences department which means that they have a constant stream of the latest developments coming in.

For example, they’ve recently published pieces on whether sleep apnoea could be causing you to get up to go to the bathroom in the night, or whether there could be other causes of daytime fatigue other than sleep which we are overlooking.



Another major news outlet which runs their own health blog is The New York Times. Their Well blog has its own dedicated sleep section with posts on all manner of sleep related topics.

They run the line between being science-heavy and getting too bogged down in the complexities, making sure that their posts are all interesting, and backed up by fact.

For example, they’ve published pieces on insomnia, how to get the kids to sleep and even how to train yourself to need less sleep!



Everything Else

Believe it or not, there’s an entire blog dedicated to bed bugs! While it may seem a bit odd, bed bugs are actually a really big problem for many, and this blog looks at how best to eliminate and avoid the pesky critters.

It’s all fairly tongue in cheek but you might find it of interest if you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have a run-in with the dreaded bed bugs.

They provide tips on how to get rid of bedbugs, as well as naming and shaming some particularly disgusting infestations!


Sleep Talkin’ Man

And to finish on a slightly silly one, you have to have a look through Sleep Talkin’ Man, a blog in which Karen Slavick-Lennard has chronicled the sleep talking of her partner Adam ever since 2009!

As we all know, dreaming and sleep talking very rarely makes sense, and some of the stuff that we come out with is downright ridiculous!

Unfortunately, the blog is no longer active, but there’s years’ worth of weird and wonderful ramblings for you to browse!

Examples of Adam’s midnight ramblings include discussions of macaroons and bagels, vampire penguins and zombie guinea pigs!