5 Fantastic Pieces Of Sleep Tech To Try in 2017

Looking for new ways to get a great night’s sleep, perhaps after committing to that New Year resolution to cut back on the evening vino? If so, then you are in the right place as here are 5 fantastic pieces of sleep tech worth trying out in2017.


  1. Buckle Up, Strap In and Prepare for a…Peaceful Ride

The 2breathe Sleep Inducer is an entirely new sleep enhancing gadget to grace the market in 2017. Hence, it is likely that many will yet have heard of it.

A fastenable belt intended to be worn about the waist, though designed to be small and comfortable enough to go unfelt and unnoticed whilst in bed, the 2breathe Sleep Inducer delivers calming tones which guide wearers into a natural and gentle sleep. As explained further and in depth via the 2breathe website: ‘Within minutes, neural sympathetic activity is reduced, the user begins to disassociate from both external and internal stimuli, and the mind and body relax into sleep.’

Hence, for those at their wits’ ends over lost sleep beginning the New Year, the 2breathe Sleep Inducer is a welcome addition to the market, and one well worth giving a try.


  1. The Moona Smart Pillow

It is old advice that states the importance of regulating body temperature in order to get a sound night’s sleep. It is old, tried and tested advice in fact. The problem is that whilst keeping warm and temperate when in bed these days is easier than ever, doing so can result in a sleep disturbing case of hot headedness.

That isn’t to say anger or bad moods are keeping people up (or are being caused by electric blankets and central heating for that matter), or that the Moona Smart Pillow is able to cure either of those issues; rather, the Moona Smart Pillow is an ingenious innovation which incorporates temperature regulation into the humble pillow.

The result, consequently, is that those who struggle to nod off or remain asleep due to the pillow on which they are resting their head becoming too warm or overly hot need worry no more. To learn how the Moona Pillow works, simply head over (no pun intended) to the Get Moona website.

Meanwhile, and in the meantime, other ways to reduce the heat include avoiding the use of memory foam pillows (as these can retain the heat) and by sleeping in a cooler room. If the temperature within the room is so low it prevents your body from retaining enough heat, invest in a higher tog duvet (you can find a wide selection right here on the Sleep People website) or consider investing in an electric blanket (which you can also buy direct from us here at Sleep People via our online store).


  1. The 360 Smart Bed

Winning several accolades at the 2017 CES Innovation Awards already, the 360 Smart Bed is one of the most hotly anticipated additions to the market this year – and not without good reason; the 360 Smart Bed, as better explained via the Engadget website Tech Review, adapts to suit the way you sleep and does so as you sleep.

This means that whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper, still sleeper or someone who tosses and turns, the bed will not only keep up, but better yet adjust as you do so, contouring to your current lying position. Consequently, this makes the 360 Smart Bed suitable and ideal for just about everybody, from those who struggle to get comfortable to even those who snore and keep their partners awake, if they do not wake themselves; as well as recognising your movements, the 360 Smart Bed can recognise when a sleeper is snoring and when t does it will respond by adjusting its head angle and position in order to stop both the sound and the problem.


  1. The Kryo Sleep Performance System

The Kryo Sleep Performance System is revolutionising the humble mattress topper in 2017, and just when you thought nothing could provide a sounder sleep than NASA developed memory foam.

As impressive in reality as the name makes it sound, the Kryo Sleep Performance System is an alternative to a mattress topper that negates the need to buy a new bed, topper or electric blanket in order to rectify your bedtime woes. Working by regulating the temperature within your bed, meaning it also adjusts the temperature as you sleep, you can kiss goodnight to ever waking too hot or cold again.

To learn more about the Kryo Sleep Performance System you can do so via the Indiegogo website, where you can also see videos of the system in action.


  1. The Nox Sleep Light

As best explained via the Nox Sleep Light website: the Nox Sleep Light is a multifunction device that in essence doubles up as both a night light and an alarm clock. Though it might sound it, this is definitely an adult gadget and no kid’s toy though; in fact, the Nox Light has been specially designed to use soft, ambient and coloured lighting along with sound to ease sleepers into a gentle slumber and then, at the appropriate time, also equally gently rouse them from it. Hence, the Nox Light is a fantastic alternative to an alarm clock, and a far less startling way to begin the day, whatever you have planned.