5 Foolproof Ways To Prevent Your Partner From Snoring


There is one type of sleeper who seems immune to the detrimental effect snoring has on the rest of us, and that is ‘the snorer’ themselves. That said, because snoring is (not always, but) often the result of certain lifestyle habits that are in themselves not always the best, it is doubly worth finding healthy ways to stop that snoring once and for all, both for the snorer and their long suffering loved ones.



Maintain A Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is the key not just to stopping snoring for millions or snorers out there, but can also alleviate and even cure a whole host of otherwise life threatening, serious or plain miserable conditions such as type 2 diabetes.

Hence, if you are a snorer and your BMI falls short or overstretches what is considered ‘healthy’ according to the NHS here in the UK, the best advice out there and our number one tip is to aim to maintain a healthy weight by means of adequate exercise and a healthy diet.

The NHS website features both a BMI calculator tool as well as an NHS Live Well Hub which is jam packed with ideas, advice and tips on how to get in shape and maintain that shape in the long term, including further advice on how to stop snoring.



Quit Smoking

To add to the already well spoken about and known of negative effects those who smoke stand to face, smoking also happens to be a cause of nasal congestion and inflammation which can result in or exacerbate snoring. Hence, and to add to the sizable reasons to make 2016 your year to quit, it is well worth snuffing out that cigarette once and for all.

For those wishing to quit, the Smoke Free website offers free advice, support and help to those wishing to begin a smoke free life, from providing ‘quit kits’ to motivational text messages along the way to face-to-face support. So, there is no need to go it alone when giving up the cigs.



Address any Allergies

Most of the allergies experienced by people are those which whilst unlikely to result in life threatening situations or realities such as asphyxia, instead leave us bunged up and fed up. For those who may be suffering an undiagnosed allergy which has gotten bad enough to mean they are regularly snoring thougH take it as the equivalent of a siren sounding; it is time to address those allergies.

Provided you are fine to take an antihistamine and if, having taken an antihistamine, you discover your snoring instantly subsides or lessons, it may will be being caused by an allergy. Then, it may well be time to invest in and start keeping a notebook handy to jot down when your snoring and any related symptoms get better or worse.



Avoid Booze Before Bed

One of the many effects alcohol, even in small amounts, has on a person’s body is that it causes a person’s airway muscles to relax. Because a person’s muscles relax when they sleep anyway and the person is most likely also in a position which too increases the likelihood of snoring, combine all these factors and the result can be loud and clear; boozing before bed may well be the reason you snore while you snooze.

Therefore, kicking that boozy nightcap could just improve both your own quality of sleep, and will definitely no doubt improve the quality of sleep enjoyed by the person lying beside you, or even in the next room. Further, because it can become all too easy to rely on alcohol in order to nod off, kicking the habit can, even if it does not cure your snoring, help you maintain a healthy weight, diet and lifestyle overall which will all have a positive effect on both your quality of sleep and too your quality of life.



Still Snoring?

…The answer may be to simply roll over.

Many snorers are supine sleepers. That is, they sleep on their backs. Whilst this is one of the better positions in which to sleep to maintain a healthy back and spine, it can for some cause them to snore.

Supine sleeping increases the chances of a person sleeping with their mouth open which causes many to snore . Supine sleeping also, due to gravity, increases the chances of a person’s tongue of moving back and so obstructing the throat which whilst not as dangerous as it might sound, could be the reason behind why you snore.

Consequently, it is worth simply rolling onto your side and ensuring you at least nod off with your mouth closed. For many, this simply advice proves enough to shush their snoring – and prevent their partner from losing their mind.

Just remember, if you have always slept in a supine position and bought pillows to properly support your head, neck and spine whilst lying on your back, before taking to side sleeping. To learn more about getting the right pillows for the position in which you sleep and ensure you get the right ones, give the sleepy people pillow range a nosey (no pun intended) for yourself, and be sure to make use of our shop by sleeping position guide.