5 great Mattress Toppers for under £30

If your mattress is coming toward the end of its life, you’re probably looking to scrap it, and invest in a replacement.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that a quality mattress topper can breathe new life into an old mattress, and increase its lifespan by years.

As well as reinvigorating your old mattress, toppers provide a range of benefits, from a warmer and more comfortable nights sleep, to fighting off allergy inducting mites.

More and more people are taking advantage of this useful bedroom accessory, and they aren’t as expensive as you might think, so here at Sleepy People we’ve put together a list of five great mattress toppers which are all available for under £30.


Silentnight Superspring Mattress Topper

One of our cheapest options is the Silentnight
Superspring Mattress Topper, available for just £11.99. The Superspring comes with revolutionary spring-like fibres which bounce back to their original shape after use, adding longevity to your familiar mattress.


Snug Cotton Percale Anti Allergy Mattress Topper

Certain toppers can also help fight off critters which are responsible for various allergies. The Snug Cotton Percale Anti Allergy topper is fitted with a special anti-allergy treated fibre, which helps prevent the pesky dust mites which can cause conditions such as asthma, eczema and other allergic reactions, and is available at just £11.99.


Silentnight Deep Sleep Mattress Topper

If you find yourself tossing and turning during the night, the Deep Sleep topper from Silentnight comes with extra cushioning to help you drift off into a deeper, enhanced sleep, to make sure you sleep right through until morning for just £15.99. 


Silentnight All Seasons Reversible Mattress Topper

Currently reduced from £32.99 to £22.10, the Silentnight All Seasons Reversible topper is perfect for adapting to the different demands of the winter and summer months. As well as a standard fleecy velour finish to keep you warm in the winter, this topper can be reversed into a soft microfibre face when things get humid in the summer. 


Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper

If you’re looking for a little more luxury in your topper, the Silentnight Airmax is available at £25.99. The Airmax features uses ‘cool air pockets’ and an Airmesh sidewall panel to allow maximum air circulation , keeping you cool and comfortable.


These are just five of the best value toppers available at Sleepy People, but take a look at the full range for even more options, including memory foam and Posturepedic toppers.