5 Great Winter Duvets For Under £30

As the cold and dark nights move in it becomes clear that your summer duvet just isn’t going to keep you warm enough. The best medicine for this dreadful drop in temperature is to get yourself a lovely thick duvet to cosy up in on those early dark nights. Here at Sleepy People we understand that while your warmth and comfort is important, so is your bank balance, thats why we have put together this handy list of great winter duvets which can be yours for under £30.


Choosing The Right Winter Duvet

There are a number of variables in duvets and it can be hard to know exactly which is right for you. If you aren’t completely sure what you are looking for in tog rating or duvet filling, take a look at out buying guides ahead of this great list.


Super Warm Options

If you have a particularly old or poorly insulated house, then you might need to pick up an extra warm duvet, alternatively you might just love the feeling of a big thick duvet. If you suffer from either of these issues then these two 15 tog duvets are your best option this winter.

The Silentnight Hi-Therm Duvet will set you back a mere £23.99 which is fantastic considering what it offers. The spring like hollowfibre 750gsm filling not only gives you about as much warmth as a duvet could possibly give,but it is also surprisingly light for its 15 tog rating. Its Quadfill build means it but improves warmth and air circulation, keeping the filling more evenly spread all night.

Option two is the Silentnight Winter Warm Duvet which is about as cosy as it gets, and at £20.99 is also very reasonable. The Winter Warm has an “extra comfy” 100% Hollowfibre filling which can make even the chilliest evenings feel like a distant memory.

If 15 tog is just a touch too warm for you then there are also plenty of great 13.5 tog options available at great prices which are by far warm enough to keep even the chilliest winter nights at bay.

If you are looking for a super soft duvet then look no further than the Dreamland Egyptian Cotton Duvet. You will struggle to find a cover as soft and comforting than its 100% Egyptian Cotton cover and 100% hollowfibre non-allergic filling. All this comfort and warmth can be yours for as little as £24.99.

To make your warm and cosy bed feel like a big snuggly cloud, then you aught to b getting yourself a Snug Ultrabounce Duvet. Like the previous duvet it has a 100% hollowfibre filling, however this duvet’s fibres are spring like fibres, giving it that cloud like cushion every time you climb into bed for just £20.99.


Lighter Winter Duvets

Of course not everyone needs a 15 tog duvet, and sometimes 10 or below is still plenty enough for those of us living in new builds or well insulated homes. Thankfully the Sleepy People range offers plenty of slightly thinner duvets that can keep the winter chill off you come bed time for under £30.

One duvet guaranteed to protect against more than just the cold is the Snug Cotton Anti Allergy Duvet, which comes slightly closer to the £30 limit at £29.99, but is very well worth its price tag. Not only does this fantastic duvet have a 100 x 72 100% Cotton Percale Cover, it also has a anti-allergy 570gsm filling, which protects you against dust mites, our causing bacteria and & mould residue.   

If the price is a bit much for you then there are plenty of cheaper alternatives that give you just as much warmth and comfort. Take the Silentnight Bounce Back Duvet as a great example. With 10.5 tog rating, its is just as warm, is filled with 100% polyester fibres and has a 70% polyester 30% cotton cover. The spring like polyester fibres also give it that beautifully soft bouncy feel, making it extra satisfying to fall down on after a long day. Pick up for the bargain price of £16.99.

These duvets are just a glimpse at the supremely warm and snuggly duvets that we offer here at Sleepy People, so if none o the above have taken your fancy, go ad take a look at the full list of duvets here.