5 Must Haves for a Relaxing Bedroom

relaxing-roomCreating your idyllic bedroom can take a certain amount of experimentation over a number of years before you hit on the perfect look and feel. This quick guide aims to help you build your perfect bedroom sanctuary.

Use The Right Colour Scheme

Warm colours are good idea for a relaxing and cosy feeling bedroom. Having cool colours on the wall can make a room feel cold and clinical – after all you’re not attempting to recreate your dentist’s surgery.

There’s a host of handy online tools to help you try out colour schemes in your room without even reaching for your paint brush. Perhaps the best of these tools is an App for your phone from leading paint manufacturer Dulux. The app, available for iPhone and Android devices, uses your phone’s camera and augmented reality to add colours from the Dulux range to images of your room.


Banish Technology

If you want a bedroom that’s a retreat where you can unwind in peace and quiet, the last thing you want to add to it is any form of technology. There’s a time and place for answering work emails and your quality relaxation time in your bedroom is not it. Don’t be tempted to use your mobile phone as an alarm clock – it’s just too tempting to try and finish the latest difficult level on Candy Crush.


Invest In Quality Bedding

It is after all, the main feature of our bedrooms, so having a bed that invites us in to rest is of prime importance. A few minutes making the bed in the morning is time very well spent and will be appreciated when you return to your room after a hard working day.

Use a duvet that with an appropriate Tog rating for the season – around 13.5 Tog for winter, 10.5 Tog for spring and autumn and between 7.5 and 4.5 Tog for summer use. You’ll be amazed how much difference it makes to the quality of sleep you get.

The importance of quality pillows is often overlooked, but they’re of prime importance to a good night’s sleep. If have used your pillows for 3 years or longer, you might well consider renewing them. There are pillows that are designed for side, back and front sleepers; sufferers of neck and back pain will especially benefit from choosing a new supportive pillow. If you’re unsure which pillow type is best for you, try out our Pillow Selector Tool to help you find your perfect pillow.


Purchase A Tub Chair

Having a comfortable tub chair with a reading lamp nearby is a great addition to a relaxing bedroom. This opens up your bedroom for use when you just want to escape the activity of the rest of the home to read or maybe just to sit and relax.


Buy A Soft Rug

Stepping out of bed onto a cold wooden floor can be harsh way to wake up. A far nicer place to plant your feet when stepping out of bed is a soft, warm, deep pile rug. Rugs not only take the harshness of a cold wooden floor away, they also help your bed stay where you intend it to and they can also be used to accent your colour scheme.


Finishing Touches – Don’t Over-Do It

Once you have the essentials of your bedroom in place you might be tempted to continue accessorising your room for years to come. This can actually be the downfall of many bedroom, leading to a cluttered and disorganised feel. If it takes a good ten minutes to move all the scatter cushions so that you can get into bed, you’ve gone too far. Love your room, but to keep it as a relaxing retreat, keep it simple.