5 Tips For The Perfect Breakfast In Bed On Mother’s Day

Looking for the perfect way to treat mum this Mother’s Day? As far as we’re concerned, it’s the little things that often mean the most and whilst a nice card and box of delicious chocolates is a nice gesture, why not take the time to treat mum to an easy morning, a lie in and breakfast in bed? Instead of her being the one to make breakfast for the entire house, let her take it easy and treat her. Here are our top tips for making breakfast in bed perfect this Mother’s Day:


Make Sure You’ve Got A Tray To Hand

There’s nothing worse than eating breakfast in bed and crumbs going all over the duvet and with this in mind, it’s important that you’ve got a tray to hand to serve breakfast up on. It’ll help to keep everything contained and offer an easy and convenient surface to eat from. It might sound simple but ease really does make it more enjoyable!


Decide What You’re Making The Night Before

The perfect breakfast in bed needs to be planned ahead of time and by deciding what you’re going to be making the night before, you’ll have time to prepare and ensure you’ve stocked up the cupboards. Every mum will like something a little bit different and whilst some may love a full-English on Mother’s Day, others would like nothing more than a deliciously warming bowl of porridge, crumpets and tea. You’ll know what mum loves best for breakfast so why not go the extra mile to ensure you’re serving up her favourites.


Pour Liquids Only 3/4 Of The Way

Just like crumbs on the bed, there’s nothing worse than spilled drinks so whether you’re making mum tea, coffee or taking her a glass of fruit juice (our top tip would be to server her both a warm and a cold drink), be sure to only fill the glass or the cup 3/4 full. That way, there’s plenty of room to prevent spillages … just make sure you’re on hand to keep her topped up as and when she wants it.


Add Extra Special Touches

As well as just taking mum breakfast in bed, give her a Mother’s Day card and present at the same time. This is a great way of giving her the time to enjoy reading your card and enjoying a little time to appreciate the effort you’ve put in. If you want to go one further, why not take the time to fold a paper napkin into a rose or add some extra special edible flowers on the side.


Be On Hand To Clean Up

If you’re making mum breakfast in bed, you need to make sure you stick around to clear up afterwards. In an ideal world, your mum will be in a position to relax for the morning and enjoy getting up at her own pace. Do all you can to take the pressure off and allow her the opportunity to enjoy her breakfast and any pressies you’ve bought her.


At the end of the day, every mum deserves a special treat and, to us, that should always include breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day!