5 Tips To Make The Perfect Bed

What makes a bed THE PERFECT bed? Bed making is a skill that’s passed down through the generations of our family – though we have managed to slowly move with the times. We hope there aren’t too many people out there still sleeping on starched sheets. The perfect bed is a very subjective topic, so it’s with some degree of difficulty that we’re going to attempt to convince you of our top 5 tips for making a perfect bed. 


1. Consider Visual Appeal

Visual appeal goes a long way towards making the perfect bed. If a bed looks welcoming and relaxing, there’s a good chance that by the time you have slipped into your PJ’s, the lure of the comfortable bed has you just ready to get in and drift off to sleep. 

Visual appeal is very much like having a meal in a fine restaurant. The Chef carefully places and arranges the food on the plate to tempt your eye and your palette. If it was just thrown on the plate any-old-how, you’d probably a) complain b) not really enjoy the food. Taking a little time on the presentation of your bed has the same effect on the quality of the sleep you’ll get.


2. The Right Duvet for the Season

We’re constantly surprised by how many people we know who use the same duvet all year round. We strongly urge you, if you do this too, not to. As we all know, duvets come with a Tog rating – which is a guide to the warmth of the duvet. Tog ratings of 4-7 are good for Summer 10.5 for spring and autumn and 13-15 for winter. 

When we drift off to sleep our body temperature drops by a degree or two. We need to be sleeping under a duvet that is cool enough to let this happen, yet warm enough to keep us comfortable for the duration of the night. If you’re spending your summer evenings thrashing around under a winter duvet, you’re not going to get a good night’s sleep.

If you are sleeping with a duvet that’s not of the correct tog rating for the current season, we urge you to visit our duvets range where you can narrow your search for the right duvet by Tog rating. You’ll never look back once you get this right.


3. Buy A Mattress Topper

If your mattress is more than a couple of years old its upper surface will have supported your body weight in much the same position over a thousand times! Because you’ve slept on it this many times you’ll probably won’t have noticed the gradual reduction in the comfort of the mattress.

You can add new life to your mattress by adding a mattress topper. Toppers are relatively inexpensive and can add another couple of years of life to your existing mattress, not to mention make it feel like you have a brand new mattress again…especially if you opt for one of the available range of memory foam mattress toppers.


4. Use a Flat Sheet

Our pet hate, we have to admit, is fitted bed sheets. We know we are not alone in this. In an article by Michelle Slatalla on the Gardenista website, the author holds a similarly low opinion of them. 

As Michelle points out, all mattresses are of slightly different depths, making it impossible for a fitted sheet to correctly stretch over the mattress correctly. There’s nothing worse than a bed sheet coming free in the middle of the night and having to get out of bed to fix it!

Flat sheets are definitely the way to go when it comes to bed sheets. Buying a sheet one size larger than the bed you are going to fit it on is a good way of making sure the sheet stays put, no matter how much you wriggle around during the night. 


5. De-Clutter

Are you guilty of having lots of teddies or scatter cushions on your bed? You may think they look great, but we can guarantee that your partner hates them! They are equally as much of a problem if you stop to take them all off the bed before getting in or if you leave them where they are. If you remove the cushions / teddies, where do you then put them? If you choose to leave them on the bed while you get in you will feel like you are sleeping with a dozen others and may well get disturbed in the night by the sound of falling pillows and teddy bears. 


We hope that at this point you are at least agreeing with some of my thoughts on what makes the perfect bed and maybe even picked up a tip or two. Our perfect sleep experience is as individual as we are so whatever it is that makes you wake up fully charged and ready to go – keep doing it.