5 Ways To Create The Perfect Bedroom Hideaway For Your Little One

Children love to have their own special space. It’s important to have somewhere away from adults where they can play, read, or let their imaginations run wild, and then sleep through the night peacefully.

How you go about decorating your child’s bedroom is such an individual choice, but here are 5 creative ideas for creating a bedroom hideaway to give you some inspiration.


Paint a mural

Painting a mural is a great way to bring a bedroom to life, or transform it into a whole new world for your child to escape to.

You can paint one section, whole walls, or even the entire room to reflect your little one’s interests. Favourite characters or animals always go down a treat, or perhaps paint a landscape onto the walls.

If opting for a larger, full room mural consider using plain furniture to avoid the bedroom looking too busy and distracting. You still want the bedroom to be a place of tranquility.



Use creative lighting

Creative use of lighting can make all the difference to a child’s bedroom. Soft lighting creates a calm comforting atmosphere.

Fairy lights are always a lovely addition to any children’s room, and come in so many different designs and shapes.

This light box from Ikea makes a great and versatile lighting feature. The clear perspex box can serve as a place to display their favourite possessions. You could build scenes for them using toys, or even build a terrarium to bring some nature into their room.

Be careful of using any lights which get too hot as they can be dangerous, LED lights are the safest option.



Window seats

Having a hangout space in the bedroom is important, and window seats are a great solution. A window seat is a place to read, gaze outside, or play. With the addition of a lid or some drawers it can double up as extra storage, which is valuable in any child’s bedroom.

You could nestle one into a recessed or bay window, or build shelves along one wall with a seat where the window is. Why not even create one that doubles as a bed for when friends stay over?

Take a look at this post from Kidspace Stuff for inspiration, the possibilities are endless and a window seat can work in almost any bedroom.



Teepee tents

Teepee tents are a wonderful addition to a children’s bedroom. They are basically a permanent den, and offer lots of privacy. Children who want to escape somewhere with their imaginations will love them, and you could even join your child to read them stories.

Just For Tiny People offer teepees in a wide range of beautiful designs. Assembly is super easy, and they’re even suitable for outside, so you could bring yours outside on a nice day to give your little one some shade to play, or even bring it to the beach.



A platform bed

A platform bed is such a wonderfully versatile way to make use of space in a child’s bedroom. It is a great solution for a smaller bedroom, but also works well in a room of any size.

The space below the bed can be used as a comfy hangout area, or made even more private with the addition of a curtain to pull across.

As your child grows it can be transformed, and is the perfect place to add a desk for doing homework or arts and crafts.