5 Ways To Make Your Uni Bedroom Feel Like Home

Uni bedrooms. They’re not the best are they?

At worst, they’re 6ft x 6ft boxes that smell of damp, with mouldy curtains and a tiny bed that feels like lying on a plank of wood. And at best, they’re 6ft x 6ft boxes, with newish curtains and a tiny bed that feels like lying on a plank of wood.

Like it or not, however, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in between those four walls. So unless you want to go insane with cabin fever or overwhelmed with homesickness, it’s always best to do what you can to make your uni bedroom feel like home.

Making your space more comfortable and more ‘you’ will not only help you settle in and enjoy yourself, but when you feel at home you’re likely to be more productive with uni work too. So to help you get more comfortable, here are five great ways to make your uni bedroom feel like home.


1. Unpack

With limited storage and wardrobe space, it can be tempting to leave your belongings in your suitcase. What’s the point; you’ll be going home for Christmas in like ten weeks anyway?

Failing to unpack, however,  is a terrible idea. Psychologically, you’ll always feel like your uni room is just a pit stop, rather than a comfortable and permanent place to reside. So even it takes loads of effort and even if it feels like there’s no room for all your shoes, take everything out of that case and you’ll instantly feel more at ease.


2. Store

Once you’ve unpacked, it’s very important that every item has its own place. If not, your uni room will soon become cluttered. It is often said that your space is a reflection of your mindset and if your room is a mess, your head will be too and you’ll find it very hard to get anything done.

Finding a place for everything in a tiny box room isn’t easy. To solve this, be inventive with your storage options to maximise space. Get a pinboard/corkboard to pin notes from class, so they’re not in a pile on your desk. Use takeaway boxes to store jewellery and make-up and get fold up chairs and tables if you can.


3. Rearrange

As this uni room will be yours for almost a whole year, don’t be afraid to rearrange the furniture a little bit to make yourself feel at home. Even just turning your desk in the other direction or moving your bed one inch will make you feel like you’ve put your stamp on the room.

Of course, just don’t do any damage to the room or move any items that are fixed in place. The last thing you want is a lost deposit or a bill at the end of term.


4. Smell

Uni bedrooms tend to have this weird universal musty smell. Make it your mission to rid that smell ASAP with nice scented candles or air freshener. The way your senses react to an environment can really affect how you settle in, so if that musty ‘halls smell’ enters your nose every time you open your door, try to replace it with a relaxing pleasant scent.


5. Comfort

Comfort is key when it comes to settling into a new abode and uni hall bedrooms are notoriously uncomfortable. The beds are stiff as a board, the pillows are limp and smell like dust and the blankets are itchy.

Get yourself some indulgent duvets, blankets, cushions and pillows as soon as you can. If your body feels good in your surroundings, your mind will soon catch up.

Many thanks for this guest post which was kindly put together for us by Lana Richardson, blog editor for student shipping service,