5 Ways To Sleep Through The Summer Heat

With summer well and truly here, we’re sure that there’s already going to be some of you who are struggling to sleep. It’s not always easy getting a great night’s sleep during the hot weather and, in many cases, heat and sleep don’t go well together. There are, however, a whole host of things which you can do in order to help you sleep better and, here at Sleepy People, we decided to take a look at five of these, hoping that at least one will help you get the great sleep which you deserve!


1. The Egyptian Method

Whilst it’s by no means as hot in the UK as it is in Egypt at this time of the year, it still makes perfect sense that our first top tip is to try ‘The Egyptian Method,’ at least on boiling hot nights when it simply doesn’t seem to want to cool down! For those of you unfamiliar with what that is, it’s when you wet a large sheet or bath towel and use it as a blanket. It’s important that the sheet or towel is large enough to cover your bed with this method. One thing to remember here is that you don’t need to have the sheet or towel soaking – damp and cool is perfect! Of course, this method isn’t for everyone but why not give it a go? It’s almost certain to keep you cool!


2. Shower Before Bed

Even when it’s not boiling hot, taking a shower before bed can still help you to get to sleep. Of course, the key here is to take a cool shower which will cool your body down and lower your body temperature. That way, you’ll be far more comfortable when trying to get to sleep.


3. Wipe Your Hands, Face & Feet With A Wet Cloth

As an alternative to taking a cool shower before bed, in many cases wiping your hands, face and feet with a wet cloth can be just as effective. Give it a try! It’s a sure-fire way to quickly cool yourself down and there’s also a lot to be said for soaking your feet in cold water. Why not keep a damp cloth by your bedside incase you wake up feeling too warm?


4. Hang A Wet Cloth In Front Of Your Window

By hanging a wet cloth in front of your bedroom window, you can ensure that the air coming through is cooled down as it enters. It may sound simple but it’s effective! For a similar effect (if you don’t want to sleep with your windows open), placing an ice pack in front of a fan can also work. It’s all about cooling down the atmosphere. We’re not all lucky enough to have air conditioning!


5. Replace Your Bedding

Do you know what Tog rating your duvet is? No? We didn’t think so! It’s important that during the summer you sleep under a lower Tog duvet to ensure you’re not overheating whilst you sleep and, in many cases, you’ll want to go as low as a 4.5 Tog or perhaps on a slightly cooler night a 7.5 Tog. Our great range of summer duvets means you don’t need to worry about which duvet is best for summer – simply pick one within your budget and for the size of your bed. In addition, we’d also suggest considering the pillows you use, with the Silentnight Cooler Summer Pillows being a great buy at this time of the year!


All in all, whilst it can be difficult to get to sleep on a warm summer’s night; don’t give up! There’s plenty you can do to help you get a great sleep and don’t forget – we’re here to help!