5 Ways You Can Be The Perfect Sleeping Partner This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect annual opportunity for you to show your loved one just how much they mean to you.

Whilst forking out on bouquets of red roses, chocolates, surprise meals or a weekend trips are all nice gestures to spoil your Valentine, you don’t always need to worry about splashing the cash to show someone just how much you care about them!

Sometimes it’s the smaller and more thoughtful gestures which can really show your Valentine just how much you love you them, and as quality sleep can often play a part in determining our mood, why not go all out this year and give your Valentine the best night’s sleep they deserve!

You may question how exactly you can achieve this but to be honest, the simpler touches can often be most appreciated. Therefore, by following these easy but effective tips on how you can be the ultimate sleeping partner, you really can’t go far wrong in showing your partner just how much you care for them.


Preparation Is Key

As soon as your loved one walks into the bedroom, you want them to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible, therefore setting the right environment will help you to create the perfect sleep inducing atmosphere!

As getting the ambience right is important, lighting is the best way to create the ultimate haven to relax and unwind in, therefore think low lighting such as lamps or fairy lights.

To add an even more relaxing and romantic feel to your bedroom, candles are a great natural light which automatically creates a sensual feel to the room. If you can get your hands on some scented candles, then even better!

However even though you’re aiming to create a warm and cosy haven for your Valentine to get the perfect night’s sleep, make sure that the temperature of the room is cool enough to prevent you tossing and turning once you’re snuggled up.


Transform The Bed Into The Ultimate Love-Nest

First things first, strip down your old bedding and replace it with clean and fresh smelling bedding.  You could even surprise your Valentine by treating them to some new bedding which can also help to transform the room!

Don’t feel you have to faff around with petals leading onto the bed, instead decorate the bed with colourful throws and blankets.


Pillows Are The Secret Touch

You can also revamp your bed by using plenty of pillows with different colours and designs to make it look as inviting and cosy as possible!

Not only will the addition of pillows transform the bed for Valentine’s day, but investing in good quality pillows are pretty essential to helping you get a good night’s sleep!

Check out Sleepy People’s fantastic wide range of pillows, whether you’re a side sleeper or prefer a soft goose feather pillow, there will be something for everyone! Give your Valentine the best night’s sleep and make sure you get your hands on some much needed quality pillows.


Be Considerate

Rather than hogging the duvet, snoring loudly or kicking out in your sleep, just for one night try and be as respectful and considerate of your partner as possible!

Tend to their every need, whether it’s getting them a drink or fluffing up the pillows, make your Valentine feel truly spoilt!

Want to read more about how you can make sleeping in bed with your partner a better experience? The Sydney Morning Herald has some useful advice which could definitely come in handy to help solve your sleeping problems.


Snuggling Is Essential

A lot of talk surrounds the topic of sleeping positons and what they can mean about your relationship.

Whilst some positions can show how close-knit a couple who can’t bear to be apart from one another, other sleep styles may demonstrate the trust and independence prevalent in a relationship.

Yet whether you’re a fan of snuggling and spooning or not, wrap your partner up in your arms and let them feel secure by letting them know that you’re there for them.

Take a look at mindbodygreen’s tips about what your sleeping positions says about your relationship here and become familiar with the sleep styles which could help make your Valentine feel super relaxed, safe and warm.

So now you’re armed with these five top tips as to how you can be the perfect sleeping partner, all that remains to be said is to enjoy your evening and we hope you and your partner have a relaxing, romantic and peaceful night’s sleep!