50 Of The Best British Lifestyle Bloggers To Follow in 2017


With the popularity of lifestyle bloggers on the rise, it can be difficult to decide who to follow amongst a sea of posts.

If you can relate, keep reading because we’ve made a list of 50 of the best British lifestyle bloggers to follow in 2017, outlining who they are and what they write about.

1. Retro Chick

Gemma Seager, who lives in Norwich, writes Retro Chick as a demonstration that being glamorous is something that can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Her penchant for 1950s style comes out in her outfit posts, but it’s not just fashion and beauty that you’ll find on this blog. Gemma also writes opinion blog posts, along with posts on books, films, and television.


2. The Woodland Wife

The Woodland Wife is written by Jessica, who lives in the woods with her husband, her daughter, a sprocker spaniel, a cocker spaniel, and four hens.

Jessica writes about living with Ankylosing Spondylitis, her daughter, and slow living. If you crave the country life, this blog is perfect for you.


3. Rosalilium

Rosalilium is a well-being and positive intentional lifestyle blog written by Elizabeth Sellers.

While her focus is mainly on well-being and how to live a life that’s good for your mind, body, and soul, she also writes about interiors and recipes, and she’s a dab hand at lifestyle lists.


4. Marmalade Pie

Lizzie Woodman lives in Cambridgeshire with her husband and their two sons. Her blog, Marmalade Pie, is dedicated to interior design, fashion, and her life with children.


5. Forever Amber

Amber lives in Scotland with her husband and, after he had a health battle, the pair decided that life was too short to not be doing what they loved. With that and a lot of hard work, Amber took to full time blogging.

Forever Amber is a lifestyle blog that covers topics from fashion and beauty to travel, but specialises in beauty for pale skin and seasonal outfits.


6. Ape To Gentleman

Ape to Gentleman is dedicated to helping men carry on the evolutionary process, going from apes to suave gentlemen.

This lifestyle blog features posts on fashion and grooming, along with interviews, competitions, and reviews.


7. Lifestyle Maven

Lifestyle Maven is run by Vicki who loves to share her wisdom with her readers. Her blog is dedicated to having fun in your 40s, but she also writes about food, fashion, and beauty.


8. Tanya Burr

A list of lifestyle bloggers would never be complete without including Tanya Burr. Tanya is no stranger to putting her busy life on the internet and she writes about everything from baking and interior design, to makeup and travel.


9. Jessica Loves

Jess is a journalist who writes blog posts about parenting, interior design, health and beauty, and travel.

As a previous showbiz editor, Jess provides her blog with an interesting twist by conducting celebrity interviews.


10. Ellie’s Favourite Things

This upbeat blog is written by Nottingham-born Ellie, who now studies in London. Predominantly a fashion and beauty blog, you’ll find sections on outfits and clothing wish lists, but you’ll also find posts on Ellie’s travel adventures.

This is a great blog for students to follow, as Ellie regularly writes about life at university.


11. The Discerning Man

Edmond Lemont created The Discerning Man in 2015 to express his passion for fashion, grooming, travel, and fitness to the world.

If you want to be kept in the know about the latest style trends, then The Discerning Man could be the blog for you to follow in 2017.


12. Stephi LaReine

Known for her fabulous rainbow hair, Stephi LaReine is a lifestyle blogger based in the North West of England. If you’re into quirky fashion, festivals, big eyebrows, and honest reviews then you’ll love Stephi LaReine’s blog as it features all of those things and much more.


13. Lily Pebbles

Lily Pebbles is a London-based blogger whose posts focus on beauty and style. Lily also dabbles in recipes and travel photo diaries, so she really is an all-rounder. Reviewing cafes and restaurants, she gives you a real feel for life in London.


14. Buckets & Spades

Matthew Pike’s Buckets & Spades blog mainly focuses on fashion and menswear. However, he has his fingers in other pies, writing about beer, travel, and design. Buckets & Spades also features stunning photography, so this talented blogger is one to watch in 2017.


15. I Want You to Know

I Want You to Know is a fun and eclectic mash-up of beauty, food, life in London and interior design. The blog is written by Kristabel who tries to make the most out of her life, embracing the hurdles along the way.

This blog will be great for you if you’re planning on moving to or visiting London.


16. The Black Pearl Blog

The Black Pearl Blog is written by Sandra, a mother of two who lives in Glasgow. This beauty guru mostly blogs about makeup, but you will also find posts on parenting and plus sized outfits.


17. Kat Got The Cream

Queen of fashion and interiors, Kathryn, the writer of Kat got the Cream, is a mother of three who lives in Harrogate. If you’re looking for some ideas to suit and boot your home, then Kathryn’s blog is the place for you to go for that all important inspiration.


18. The Magpie Girl

The Magpie Girl is run by Vicki McGuinness, and she’s a must-follow if you’re after some DIY and interior design inspiration.

This year, having just given birth to a baby boy, you will be able to follow Vicki’s journey as a first time mum.


19. Cocochic

Cocochic is run by Cornwall born and raised Steph and features posts on an array of topics, such as fashion, shopping, and fitness.

Not only is she great at what she does, but Steph also brings you tips on how to up your blogging game. So, if you’re just starting out with blogging, you should definitely consider following Cocochic.


20. xameliax

Amelia is a blogger and vlogger who enjoys a taste of the finer things in life. With a cheerful attitude, her blog covers beauty, fitness, and her life, as she celebrates girl power in all of its forms.


21. Jordan Bunker

Jordan Bunker’s blog screams creativity and innovation. He gives you an in-depth look into his life, including showing you his recent purchases, his adventures, and his unquestionable style.

Another string to Bunker’s bow is his photography skills – his travel scrapbooks will give you serious wanderlust.


22. Hungry Healthy Happy

Hungry Happy Healthy features Dannii and Dave who are dedicated to showing the world that eating healthily doesn’t have to be humdrum.

With a strong focus on happiness, the pair doesn’t just blog about food – although their recipes are delicious! – they also write about travel, family life and home and garden.


23. six out of ten

Laura, the main writer of six out of ten, is a London based student nurse, and she has a whole section of her blog dedicated to her occupation.

Despite being known for her blog posts on London life and nursing, Laura’s reviews are endlessly popular and they don’t just span as far as beauty products. The reviews you’ll find on six out of ten cover hotels, restaurants, and spas, just to name a few.


24. A Rosie Outlook

A Rosie Outlook brings you a lovely combination of blog posts on outfits, food, travel and self-care.

Rosie has a real flair for writing, so if you like your blog posts with more of a narrative, we recommend you follow A Rosie Outlook in 2017.


25. The Everyday Man

As the man cave of the internet, The Everyday Man is one of the best male lifestyle blogs you can follow this year. It covers topics from cars to grooming, with tips and product reviews – there’s even an art & culture section for the culture vultures out there.


26. That British Betty

That British Betty is written by Manchester based Lisa Valentine, who writes about life in the Rainy City. She has a husband, two teenage daughters, three cats, and a penchant for all things 1950s.

If you follow The British Betty, you can expect to see posts on travel, DIY, fashion and weddings.


27. Anna Saccone

Anna Saccone is a blogger and a vlogger with a husband, two children, and six dogs. She is currently pregnant with her third child and is due to give birth this spring.

With postpartum updates, food diaries, and outfit of the day posts, Anna will always produce something both honest and enthusiastic to keep you entertained.


28. Steve Booker

Steve Booker is a London based blogger who loves all things fashion, design, and coffee. His largely photograph-based blog explores his passions, and his zeal for life really comes through in his writing.

If you’re interested in men’s fashion, Steve Booker is the one to watch this year.


29. Candy Pop

Candy Pop is written by Oxford based Natasha Denness, who prides herself on living simply.
If you’re after a calm lifestyle and a sense of well-being, then you’ll find some great advice on Candy Pop.


30. Celery and Cupcakes

Jemma from Celery and Cupcakes strives to give her readers the inspiration to lead a balanced lifestyle, free of restricting and over-exercising. She also offers advice on self-care and confidence, so this blog should be a must follow if you want a 2017 full of good vibes.


31. Living for the Now

Living for the Now is run by two sisters, Laura and Amy, who pride themselves on always posting their honest opinions. This blog is one of the most versatile on our list, covering almost every topic imaginable.

With posts like ‘Ten Signs You’re Obsessed with a TV Show’ and ‘How yo Prevent Dog Smell in Your Home’, Living for the Now’s posts are both educational and relatable.


32. Littlegreenshed

Littlegreenshed is a blog written by Lou Archell who is a freelance writer, photographer, blogger, and mother of two.

She is perhaps best known for her posts on travel and the great outdoors, such as her in-depth reviews of glamping pods and her innovative city guides.


33. Hannah Gale

Hannah Gale used to be a digital editor and journalist, but she’s now a full time blogger and vlogger.

On her blog, you will find posts on everything from mental health to travel and her upbeat writing style will definitely keep you entertained.


34. Fleur de Force

Predominantly blogging about fashion and beauty, Fleur de Force is one of the most popular bloggers in the UK, and for good reason.

If you’re looking to learn about fashion and beauty, you’ll be in for a treat with Fleur as her posts are both informative and cheerful; a sure-fire way to brighten up your day.


35. Poppy Loves

Poppy Loves really is the jack of all trades. Not only does her blog cover most every topic imaginable, she’s also a business consultant and a piano teacher.

Based in London, Poppy Loves will take you around the Big Smoke, as well as giving you advice on beauty and fashion, craft and design, and blogging tips.


36. Bumpkin Betty

Jaclyn, from Scotland but based in London, refers to herself as a country bumpkin and blogs about travel, food, and fashion, but most recently she’s been blogging about being pregnant.

Jaclyn and her husband are expecting their first child this year, so if you’re feeling broody, follow them as they prepare for their bundle of joy.


37. The Lifestyle Blogger

Becky lives in the Cotswolds and writes about anything from gadgets and stationery to books and gift ideas, but that’s just scratching the surface.

If you’re interested in fitness but you’re not a fan of the gym, The Lifestyle Blogger could be one for you to follow this year because her down to Earth home workout tips will get you moving in no time.


38. Lucy Loves

Lucy Loves is a forty-something mum of two who usually blogs about food. However, she also branches out into, amongst other things, interior design.

Living in London, Lucy’s prowess with dining spans from baking to cocktails and everything in between.


39. Beauty Crush

Samantha Maria, also known as Beauty Crush, has been blogging and vlogging since 2009.

She is well known for her incredible style and has recently had a baby girl, so posts about parenting and baby fashion are likely to be on the cards this year. If that’s up your street, definitely follow Beauty Crush.


40. Midlifechic

Nikki Garnett, the writer of Midlifechic, used to be the editor of Selfridges’ magazine, but now she’s a marketing consultant.

Juggling three children, a husband, two cats, a dog, and her career, Nikki felt as though she had lost her sense of style. She now runs Midlifechic in an attempt to regain her mojo and, we must say, she’s doing brilliantly.


41. Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

Jayne from Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs prides herself on living her life to the full.

She blogs about everything from her children and crafts to her garden and day trips. She also writes fantastic reviews of children’s products, so this is a great blog to follow if you have little ones.


42. Mummy in the City

If you’re a parent living in London, you absolutely must follow Tine Farstad’s blog Mummy in the City.

Tine has a son and a daughter and writes her blogs on topics like parenting, pregnancy, and child development just to name a few.


43. Victoria’s Vintage

If you like cake and flowers, you’ll feel right at home with Victoria from Victoria’s Vintage.

Not only is she a dab hand at DIY and throwing together a stylish outfit, her penchant for all things floral and sweet will be sure to brighten up your day.

Victoria’s down to Earth writing style makes her blog personable and inclusive – definitely one to watch out for this year!


44. Me and Orla

Sara, the author of Me and Orla, upped sticks with her husband and daughter and moved from her Manchester city life to set up camp in the Yorkshire countryside.

As well as documenting her thoughts on food and shopping, Sara delves into the simplicity of living in a small village.


45. Caffrin C

Catherine, the owner of Caffrin C, is a vegan and often writes about her meals in her Food Friday series. She also blogs about beauty and fashion, with highlights including her Pretty Please wish lists and her product reviews.


46. My General Life

My General Life is written by Jordan, a 25-year-old vegan blogger who lives and breathes health and fitness.

If you’re new to the vegan lifestyle, or just fancy trying it, you’re in good company with Jordan who has recently become a vegan herself but posts delicious food recipes on her blog.


47. Silverspoon London

Angie writes Silverspoon London, a lifestyle blog that focuses on London life and luxury travel.

If you’re interested in glamorous destinations, then 2017 is the time year to follow Angie as she will be venturing to Turin, Dubai, Maldives, Milan and Lake Como this year.


48. Cider with Rosie

Rosie, who writes Cider with Rosie, has recently given birth to her daughter called Ottilie. She documents her life with a new-born and her husband Jason, with a focus on food and parenting.


49. Wish Wish Wish

Wish Wish Wish is the perfect blog to follow if you’re moving to or have recently moved to London.

Wish Wish Wish is written by Carrie, who moved to London seven years ago. She gives her readers tips on living in London, along with covering other topics like her wedding, food, and beauty.


50. She’s So Lucy

Lucy writes without pretense and her in-depth product reviews leave no stone unturned. As a recent university graduate, she is just starting out in the world of careers – definitely one to watch in 2017!