A Guide to Pillows, Based on Your Sleeping Position

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You may be surprised to realise that pillows are designed to suit different sleeping positions; but this is to actively support the natural curvature of the cervical spine whilst you sleep. Failure to adequately support your back can cause severe paid and long-term damage, so it is important to use a pillow which fits you sleeping position.

In this blog, we will cover the most popular sleeping positions and provide product recommendations for each type.



Sleeping on your Back

If you opt to sleep on your back, then the pillow should support the natural curvature of your spine, and provide adequate support for your head, neck and shoulders. This position is the best for allowing your back to rest comfortably; in fact, many people find that this is the only way they can sleep during severe back pain, or whilst recovering from a back related injury.

Placing a pillow or two beneath the knees can also further alleviate back strain in this position.


Silentnight Deep Sleep Pillow – 2 Pack

This deep sleep pillow is perfect for back sleepers, its luxury design supports your head, neck and shoulders – allowing you to drift off feeling warm and snug. The Silentnight pillow also comes as part of a two pack, so back pain suffers can use the second under their knees!

Sealy Spinal Alignment Pillow – 5cm

This spinal alignment pillow has been specifically developed to support the head and neck, allowing the spine to maintain a straight and horizontal line to prevent muscle strain around the neck and shoulders.The 5cm foam circular centre also helps to encourage airflow and increase breathability.

Sleeping on your Side

Individuals who prefer to sleep on their side, require a pillow which supports the head and neck, so the spine maintains a straight and natural horizontal line. A thicker pillow is needed for sleeping on the side than sleeping on the back.

It is also advised you place another pillow between the knees, to keep the spine in its natural position. Without a pillow between the knees, the upper leg rotates downwards, pulling the pelvis and distorting the natural curvature.

Silentnight Miraform Geltex Pillow

This geltex pillow is great for side sleepers; its medium firmness provides great support for your spine. The pillow is thick and comfortable, enabling you to get a great night’s sleep!

Silentnight So Plump Pillow – 2 Pack

This plump pillow by Silentnight offers great support, whilst also doubling up as hypo allergenic – meaning it will also protect against common allergies. The soft to the touch feel is also incredibly resilient, keeping its plump shape however many time you wash it!

Sleeping on your Front

Sleeping on your front is considered the most stressful position for the back and neck. Doctors may advise to switch to a different position if back pain persists.

If this is your preferred sleeping position, then the pillow should be relatively flat, so your neck and head aren’t strained. It may also be a good idea to place another relatively flat pillow under your pelvis, to help keep the lower back in its natural alignment.

Sealy Select Balance Pillow – 2 Pack

This balance pillow is perfect for sleeping on your front, its flat shape prevents straining your neck and head, whilst offering a relaxed and comfortable feel. The Sealy Select pillow also comes as part of a two pack, so the second can be used under the pelvis!