A Look At 2016’s Top Bedroom Trends

There is no question that your bedroom is the most personal space in your home. This is one of the only rooms generally off limits when guests are around, a place for your most prized or personal belongings and most importantly where you lay your head each night.

Unlike other rooms in the home, which are created either for practical purposes or as welcoming spaces to relax or entertain guests, the bedroom often says a lot about the inhabitant.

Because of this, bedroom décor is always evolving, with the beginning of 2016 producing some really interesting trends.

If you are considering a bedroom makeover and need a little inspiration, take a look through this year’s top trend so far.


Custom Headboards

While it was once traditional for a bed to have a headboard merely as a marker of the correct end in which to lay, it has now become another source of invention.

Despite what many people might assume, a custom headboard often won’t set you back much more than a regular fitting. Of course, it does matter it you request materials of insane opulence to your designer, but otherwise, it is generally a common misconception.

There are some beautiful examples out there, which can reflect as much personality as you like. From book shelves to old wooden pallets, from corner headboards to refitted wooden shutters, the options are almost endless depending on your taste.


Scandinavian Simplicity

A style which has ben popularised around the world through retailers IKEA, Scandinavian simplicity is almost certainly the top trend in 2016.

As well as looking fantastic, it does have its practical elements. Not only does the style give you extra room, it helps you organise your belongings.

Popular colours keep the style firmly rooted in its northern European origins, combining whites grey and wooden textures.

Pick up some inspiration from these brilliant examples on Houzz.


Reclaimed Wood

A developing trend because of the ever increasing eco-conscious among us, the use of reclaimed wood is one of the most creative trends in 2016.

Reclaimed wood is a great way to incorporate texture and rich colours into the modern bedroom. It can also be used in a variety of ways. From a material in a custom headboard to making up a feature wall, reclaimed wood is as contemporary as it gets.


Quality Wallpaper

Wallpaper, or the colour of a room’s walls, undoubtedly sets the tone of any room. Many of us concentrate our wallpapering energy in rooms of great use like the living room or dining room, this is because these are the rooms our guests spend the most time in.

Not in the too distant past, we en-mass fell out of love with wallpaper, hastily trying to find the nearest wallpaper stripper and reach for the nearest tin of paint. However, the tide turned in 2015 and we saw what is referred to as the wallpaper revival.

The trend has now spread to the bedroom, with the use of classy, quality wallpaper in particular to line the walls of our most private of rooms. The feature wall has also come into play, with the use of quality wallpaper instead of a different painted tone as the feature.