A Quick Guide To Choosing Flowers For Your Bedroom

Looking to inject some colour, vitality or the scent of summer into your bedroom, but not sure which flowers and houseplants are suitable for a bedroom setting? If so, here is a quick guide to choosing flowers for your bedroom.


Flowers to Brighten Up a Bedroom

One of the most popular reasons for incorporating fresh flowers into a home is of course to instantly add life, nature and vibrancy to a space. Then, flowers whilst not commonly discussed as a bedroom ornament are in fact a fantastic way to provide you with an instant reason to smile and embrace each new day.

The trick is to know how to integrate flowers into a bedroom and which flowers to choose. Some flowers, such as lilies for example, can produce a scent which is capable of overpowering a bedroom space or aggravating allergies. On the flip side, expert florists, Flowercard, home to the perfect letterbox flowers to inject some life into the bedroom, suggest green and white posies intermixed with ‘lush violets’ make the ideal dressing table bouquet to perk up any morning.

For more ideas as to which flowers are ideal to display within bedrooms and how to create your own stunning bedroom bouquets, the Style Motivation website features a fantastic article: 17 Beautiful Flower Arrangement Ideas for a Fresh Bedroom Look that is well worth giving a read.



The Best Houseplants for Bedrooms

Fresh flower bouquets aren’t the only means of bringing nature into a bedroom; flowering houseplants provide an equally fantastic means of using botany to create a relaxing and restorative space in which to sleep.

To discover exactly which genera are the best to opt for (and which to avoid) when incorporating houseplants into a bedroom space as well as how to adequately care for bedroom houseplants, simply refer to the Better Homes & Gardens website guide: Best Houseplants for Bedrooms.



Bedroom Odour Busting Flowers

Yet another benefit to be had by bringing flowers into the bedroom is that the naturally sweet and delicious scents flowers produce is a great and totally organic way to instantly banish bad odours. This is true of both flower bouquets and flowering houseplants; any flowering plant whose blooms are known for their scent will instantly freshen up a bedroom, making it both a more inviting space in which to nod of and as well making the mornings far more pleasant to wake to.

What is more, houseplants also of course help to recycle and purify the air within a bedroom through the process of photosynthesis. This means that as well as clearing unpleasant odours, plants can also be used to improve the air quality within a bedroom space which in turn can improve the quality of a person’s sleep.

To learn more about the positive effects flowers can have on a person’s ability to sleep, read on. Meanwhile, to discover a host of flowers and plants which are particularly good at banishing bad smells, refer to the Invorma website and their article: 14 Suitable Flowers for Your Bedroom.



Flowers and Houseplants Which Aid Sleep

It is no secret that lavender is a fantastic and 100% natural sleep aid. Dried or fresh springs can be added into baths, pillowcases and even tea. Consequently, lavender is hailed as an inexpensive means of improving a person’s sleep quality. Similar is said about camomile, which is one of the most popular types of tea used to produce a calming effect and advocated for its supposed sleep enhancing qualities.

But which flowers can you furnish a bedroom with rather than simply add to the teapot in order to improve your quality of sleep and help to create a relaxing and restorative space in which to retire at the end of the day?

To find out, give the Natural Living Ideas feature: 12 Plants for Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep some bedtime reading.