Bed Time Etiquette: How To Share A Bed And Avoid Arguments

Getting a good nights sleep can often be a hard task. Add an extra body into the mix and it can be a challenge, especially with a partner that snore, hogs the duvet or never stops talking for air. In order to find out what really grinds the nations bed-time gears, we surveyed 2000 people and asked what the number one pet peeve is when sharing a bed with your partner?

We found out some very interesting and some might say controversial findings. In hope of helping couples across the country sleep better together, we have put together some tips that focus on the top three and the last, but not least controversial of the list.


The Results

  • Snoring 31%
  • Stealing the duvet 21%
  • Fidgeting 13%
  • Cold Feet 11%
  • Flatulence 8%
  • Talking too much 7%
  • Cuddling 6%
  • Other 3%


Who said it? According to our survey the majority of those who voted snoring as their pet peeve were women aged 55+

So, why does snoring increase with age? When sleeping, the tongue relaxes and can fall to the back of the throat. As this space is bigger for men, they are more likely to snore, unlike women who are more likely to wake up. Snoring can start at any age, but as people get older the muscle tone in the throat decreases, which means snoring can worsen.

How to fix it? Change position – rolling to the side from the back helps open the airways and prevents snoring.

Stealing The Duvet

Who said it? For men, a woman’s inability to share the duvet comes top. According to the results, women aged of 35+ are the serial offenders.

Why do women insist on hogging the duvet? Scientific research shows that women actually do feel the cold more than men. Of course, that isn’t an excuse to leave men shivering on the side lines.

How to fix it? Double up – multiple blankets on top of the duvet will ensure no one goes without.


Who said it? It seem the younger we are, the more restless we are too. Our survey found those aged 18-35 complained more about their partners fidgeting than the older demographic.

Why are younger people more likely to fidget? This could be due to the use of electronic devices such as phones, tablets and laptops before going bed, which engages the brain when it should really be shutting down.

How to fix it? Put them down – plan to put down any gadgets at least 30 minutes before going to bed.


Now let’s look at the controversial one…

Who said it? Of the 2000 people we surveyed, 6% said that cuddling in bed was their top pet peeve. Interestingly, it was the younger demographic that were most unhappy.

Why? Can romance really be dead between the younger generation?

How to fix it? Cuddle up – the benefits are endless; it relieves stress, anxiety and even pain, apparently.