Bedding Voted One of the Most Romantic Purchases for the Home

From when we wake up in the morning and undergo our daily routines to eventually going to sleep at night, as a population, we spend quite a bit of time and money purchasing a number of household items to make our lives easier and more comfortable.

Yet have you ever spared a thought as to which household items we regard as being the most desirable to purchase for our homes?

The answer is probably not, however a recent article published on the Daily Mail Online took to investigating which items we take particular enjoyment from purchasing for the home, and which we regard to be more boring.

Interestingly, the report stated that 36% of couples said that interior shopping for home interiors brought them closer together and bonded them as a couple.


So let’s take a look as to which household items came out on top and which home accessories we found to be less thrilling to purchase.

1. Chest of Drawers – 97%

2. Wardrobe – 96%

3. Rug – 96%

4. Bedding/Linen – 94%

5. Dining Table – 93%

6. Washing Machine – 91%

7. Curtains – 89%

8. Dishwasher – 87%

9. Shelves – 73%

10. Iron – 64%


As you’ll have gathered from the results of the study, the household interiors which we find the most desirable to buy are chest of draws, wardrobes and rugs.

However, at the other end of the scale, it is the iron which has been rated as being the dullest purchase by home owners.

Further statistics

A number of other findings were also made from the study. As we already highlighted, roughly a third of the study group found that shopping for home interiors brought them closer together, however one in ten even said that they found shopping to be a romantic experience.

The research also revealed that women would take charge when purchasing household items with 78% of them having control of the shopping trolley. Yet half of the males in the study group thought that they were the ones who took charge in the decision to buy accessories for the home!

Did you also know that it takes the average Brit 12 days to decide on and purchase homeware items and one fifth of the group under research even said that they liked to test out new sofas by going to the shop itself!


Bedding results

Here at Sleepy People, we were obviously very eager to see how bedding fared in the study and were delighted to see that 94% of the study group found purchasing bedding and linen products to be a desirable acquisition for the home.

Further to this, it was also bedding which was voted to be the most romantic homeware interior to buy with our partners.

You may or may not have found this to be too surprising when we actually look at how much importance we place upon on our beds. Our beds are usually one of the comfiest and most relaxing places to kick back and spend time with our partners and most importantly to get a good night’s sleep!

From a selection of mattress toppers to a vast array of pillows no matter your preferences, if you have suddenly been inspired to give your bed a revamp then we can help make your bed the ultimate haven of comfort to help ensure that you get the best possible night’s sleep!

We hope you’ve found our blog looking at what we consider being the most and least desirable purchases for the home as interesting as we have. We’d love to know your thoughts on the results of the research, so please feel free to leave a message on whether you agree with the findings or if you have any other home purchases which you would personally place higher than those listed by this study.