Can’t Sleep? Try These Fantastic Apps!

Let’s face it; we all own a smartphone but are constantly told that using it too near bedtime is the perfect way to ensure you don’t get a great night’s sleep. In some instances, however, your phone could well do the exact opposite of that and help you fall asleep easily. It’s all about the apps you use! Don’t be tempted to check your emails and Facebook in bed, rather download these suggested apps, give them a go and let us know if they do what they say on the tin and help you get to sleep!


1. Relax Melodies (Free in iOS and Android)
Apple App Store | Google Play Store

download (2)Now boasting more than 10 million users to its name, Relax Melodies is by far one of the more popular ‘sleep apps’ and offers 50 ambient sounds to help you nod off alongside a built-in timer to allow you to control the duration of your favourite noises. If you fall in love with a particular sound, add it to your library for easy access the next night! It really is that simple. Whilst ambient noises aren’t for everyone, if such an approach helps you get to sleep, give it a try. After all, it’s free so you’ve nothing to lose.




2. Relax & Sleep Well (Free in iOS and Android)
Apple App Store | Google Play Store

If you find that hypnosis works well for you to encourage a great night’s sleep, why not give ‘Relax & Sleep Well’ a try? Once again, it’s completely free to download from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and lets you experience two of hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold’s sessions. You’ll get two sessions included within the free version of the app, however, if you find it works well for you, there’s the option to buy additional ones from within. For many, hypnosis is the perfect way to fall asleep and even if you buy the premium tracks, it’s a small price to pay for  a great sleep! Based upon ‘mindfulness,’ Glenn’s tracks focus upon making you feel a sense of mindfulness before you go to sleep, encouraging relaxation and allowing you to drift off easier than without.


3. SleepBot (Free in iOS and Android)
Apple App Store | Google Play Store

SleepBot is a fantastic free app which, unlike those which help you get to sleep through ambient noise or by relaxation encouraging meditation, tracks your motion and sounds as you sleep to map a visual image of your sleep and wakes you at the least disturbing time. Granted, this may not be one for work nights, however, the principle behind it is fantastic and if you don’t need to be awake at a specific time each day, this is well worth trying out. You can also view a detailed long-term sleep history through the app which is perfect for analysing your long-term sleep patterns and you’ll be pleased to know that SleepBot will even make suggestions to help you get a better quality sleep from advice on what to eat through to the best exercises which promote sleep. All in all, a great, well thought out app which is full of great features which can help you to get that great night’s sleep you deserve without spending a penny!


Of course, apps won’t help everyone who is struggling to get a great night’s sleep, however, it’s strongly recommended that you give one a try if you’ve yet to do so. In addition, it’s worth considering replacing your pillows if you’ve not done so recently as using either a worn or even the wrong type of pillow can significantly impact upon your quality of sleep.


For further tips and suggestions on how to get to sleep, why not take a look at our ‘100 Top Tips For Getting A Great Night’s Sleep‘ guide?