Helping Your Child Get A Great Night’s Sleep: 22 Experts Share Their Top Tips [Infographic]

We’re strong believers that both parents and children need a great night’s sleep in order to enjoy the adventures which each day brings, however sometimes, getting that great sleep is easier said than done! Being a parent is a tiring job (and anyone who says it isn’t isn’t telling the truth) full stop but as a new parent, it can be difficult to know the best approach to take to help your little one not only fall asleep but to stay asleep throughout the night and this is something we wanted to offer our help with!

We got in touch with 22 child sleep experts and asked them to share their top tips on helping your child to sleep. All of the tips we received are absolutely fantastic and are well worth trying out for yourself. You never know – within the great list may be that magical method which works for you and helps the whole family to get the great sleep they deserve!

Below you’ll find our very own child sleep guide in the form of an infographic which has seen us compile the very best tips from each expert in an easy-to-read and easy-to-digest format! Of course, we weren’t going to let the rest of the tips go to waste and have also put together this fantastic blog post which showcases them all in a little more depth.



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