Choosing Between a Mattress Topper and a Mattress Protector

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a mattress topper and a mattress protector are the same thing; after all, they both go over the top of your mattress to create an extra layer. However, many people aren’t sure which one to go for, while others simply just pick either without much thought. The truth is that they’re both very different and offer different benefits, so it’s worth understanding them both before making a decision on which to buy.
At Sleepy People we want to make sure that your sleep experience is second to none, ensuring that you can drift off easily and stay asleep through the night. So, here is your very own guide for mattress toppers versus mattress protectors to help you make a better decision.


What is a mattress topper?

A mattress topper does exactly what it says on the tin; it goes over the top of your mattress, designed to provide additional comfort through the night. Making your mattress even more cosy and relaxing, a mattress topper will add that much-needed extra cushioning to improve your night’s sleep.
There are a number of different ones to choose from, including memory foam mattress toppers if that’s your preference. A mattress topper is particularly beneficial for you if you suffer with any aches or pains as they are particularly great for alleviating back pain.
Mattress toppers can also breathe new life back into your mattress, meaning you can get a few more years out of it before needing a replacement.

Silentnight Airmax 600 Mattress Topper

The Silentnight Airmax 600 Mattress Topper features extra deep filling and airmesh walls for maximum breathability and circulation. Also featuring a quilted wave design with a luxury soft-touch, dual layer construction for superior air movement and a more comfortable sleep surface keeping your mattress fresh and encouraging a great night’s sleep.

Silentnight Emperor Mattress Topper

Encased in a luxury knitted cover, this topper is filled with DuPont™ Cotrano+® fibres which features anti-allergy technology to keep your mattress and sleep environment fresh and clean night after night. This heavy- weight mattress topper will rejuvenate your existing mattress and provide amazing comfort for the perfect night’s sleep. Designed with a fitted 30cm skirt for a secure and easy fit

Silentnight Anti Allergy Mattress Protector

This high quality Silentnight Anti Allergy Mattress Protector offers protection from dust-mites and bacteria whilst also helping to extend mattress life.

Sealy Select Balance Mattress Protector

The Sealy Select Balance Mattress Protector is filled with DuPont™ Serica® fibres to leave you feeling balanced and relaxed for a deeper sleep whilst protecting your mattress