Choosing The Right Mattress Topper Filling For You

Mattress Toppers sometimes feel like just another accessory which we ought to be putting on top of our mattresses and underneath the bottom sheet.

But why do we actually use mattress toppers and what are they doing for us and our bed? There can be the misconception that we should be buying mattress toppers simply to protect the mattress.

However you may or may not have known that mattress toppers perform a much more important function than merely protecting the mattress! Did you know that the right or wrong topper for your mattress could affect how well you sleep? 

Choosing the right topper filling is particularly important in helping to ensure that your bed feels as comfortable as possible, and can also affect your temperature in bed which you’ll probably know from experience can alter how well you sleep!

Therefore if you’re considering making your bed the ultimate haven of comfort and relaxation by purchasing yourself a new mattress topper, make sure that you’ve considered all of your options so that you find the right topper for you in order to help give you the best chance of a good night’s sleep as possible.


Goose Feather

If you’re looking for a mattress topper which keeps you warm and cosy, particularly during the winter months then goose feather is definitely a good option to go for!

Not only is goose feather extremely soft, but another advantage of goose feather is that these toppers will also help to regulate your body’s temperature due to the natural feather filling, which will help to maintain your body at a comfortable temperature so that you can sleep peacefully without feeling overly warm or too chilly.


Duck Feather and Down

These mattress toppers are perhaps a little thicker, helping to create more padding which is useful if you are actively seeking to make your mattress more comfortable without replacing it.

Another benefit on duck feather and down mattress toppers is that they can also help to protect and increase the life of your mattress.

Mattress Toppers filled using duck feather and down may create noise during the night, as they can produce a slight ‘rustling’ sound which may take a few night’s sleep to get used to, however the comfort of this topper will hopefully help to make up for any noise that you initially experience!


Memory Foam

Memory foam mattress toppers work in a slightly different manner to duck and goose feather toppers.

The main difference of memory foam is its ability to help reduce stress and relieve pressure of muscles, back pain and aching joints. This is achieved by the moulding of the foam to the contours of your body, helping to support your frame whilst you sleep.

Furthermore, if you struggle finding a suitable filling which won’t upset your allergies then memory foam’s non-allergenic filling means that this would be a great choice of topper for you!



Do you struggle trying to find the right filling which won’t upset your allergies?

You definitely aren’t alone as you can look to buy specially designed anti-allergy mattress toppers so that you aren’t disrupted by your allergies during the night!

Our Silentnight Breathable Anti Allergy Mattress Enhancer, amongst increasing comfort and prolonging mattress life, protects against dust mites and bacteria.

The filling of this mattress topper uses Hollowfibre that has been specially treated to ensure that it is anti-bacterially protected. Not only will allergies be put to rest, but the middle layer helps to ventilate the topper, so that any excess moisture and heat is reduced.

We understand that having four different mattress toppers for each season isn’t perhaps practical, therefore another benefit of this topper is that it can be used all year round and can be easily fitted onto your mattress using corner straps.



If you’re looking to give your mattress a bit of a revamp, then a silk mattress topper could be the right choice for you!

Similarly, to duck feather and down mattress toppers, silk mattress toppers are naturally thermal meaning that it can help to regulate your body temperature and help ensure that you are sleeping in a comfortable temperature during the night.

If you prefer a topper which is lighter in weight, then silk also has the advantage of keeping you cool, perfect for the summer months if you prefer sleeping in a cooler temperature.



If you like to be nice and cosy but also comfortable during the night then wool could make the perfect mattress topper for you!

An article looking at the best mattress toppers on The Telegraph suggested that wool was said to provide up to 25% more deep and regenerative sleep during the final stage of rapid eye movement (REM) over traditional down or synthetic bedding.

The last stage of REM involves entering the deepest stage of sleep through which your body repairs and regrows tissue and strengthens its immune system, therefore the longer or the deeper the sleep is that you are receiving within this stage of REM, the more recovery and rest time your body will be receiving.

These are just a handful of the popular fillings which are available for mattress toppers. Now that you armed with a good level of knowledge about what some of your options are and what might suit your sleeping preferences, why not head over to our wide ranging collection of mattress toppers and take a look at how you can help enhance your quality of sleep!