Clear Your Head Before Bed

photolibrary_rf_photo_of_woman_writng_in_journalWe’ve all had one of those night’s when you just can’t seem to switch off. It’s a frustrating experience lying in bed, unable to sleep, especially if your partner is blissfully in the land of nod, completely unaware that you are wide awake.

Usually these nights where your mind just won’t shut down are a one off. They’re usually influenced by some important events that are due the following day – a job interview or pending exam results. However, for some people, they do become more frequent and so a much bigger problem. This blog looks at ways in which you can clear you head before bed, to give yourself the very best chance of getting a great night’s sleep.


Write it on down.

If you have some particularly important things you need to attend to tomorrow and you are worried about forgetting anything, write it down before you go to bed. Just a few minutes jotting down a to-do list will help you build a priority order and, more importantly help you relax about the thought of getting them all done.

The thing on your mind may not be a list of things to do. It may be a concern about a the health of a family member, a financial worry or any number of other situations that are causing you concern. Writing down your concern may help you make the link to something that you can do about it or help you to put the matter into context. What have you got to lose – give it a try.


Don’t just lay there

If whatever is keeping you awake just won’t go away, don’t lay in bed thinking about it. In many cases this will just amplify the problem. It may well do you good to get up, move to another room so that you don’t disturb your partner and maybe read for a little while. Reading late at night is a pretty tiring activity and will probably make you ready for another try at sleeping.


Make time to unwind

If you have college assignments or are doing a little extra work from home, make sure you leave some time to unwind before going to bed. If you stop work immediately before going to bed your mind will still be pre-occupied with your work or study activity whilst you are trying to sleep. Stop any work at least one hour before going to bed.


Change your bedding

There’s nothing better than getting into a freshly made, so why not make sure you replace your bedding if you’ve just had a bad night’s sleep. This will give you the best chance of a good night’s sleep the following night.

Having a bed that looks inviting will also make you mentally ready for a good sleep. If your bedding is looking past its best take a look at our great range of luxury bedding here at Sleepy People.


Regulate your breathing

Slowing down your breathing rate could be the final thing you need to do to encourage you to drift off to sleep. When we fall asleep naturally, our breathing rate slows down, so making that happen by yourself is a good preparation for sleep.


We hope that our sleep tips will help you the next time you have a restless night and that it will stop it becoming a pattern of several nights disturbed sleep. If you have any other great tips to help you sleep, why not leave them for us as a comment on this blog?