Creating A Great Guest Room

creating-a-great-guest-roomThe ability to be able to offer your visitors a guest room can be a great way to nurture friendships and extend the time you get to spend with visiting members of far off family. If your eldest children have flown the nest or are about to leave for university, now is the time to consider making use of their bedrooms for visiting guests. We’ll take a look at how to set up a welcoming guest room in this post.

Extending A Warm Welcome

Ideally, your guest room should be warm and welcoming to your visitors, it doesn’t need to be as bland or basic as a hotel room, so don’t be afraid to let your personality show in your choice of décor. However, you should try and keep clutter to a minimum and ensure that there’s plenty of storage space for your guests to hang up clothes and put away personal items


Dual Purpose Rooms

If you intend to use the guest room for other purposes, such as an office when it’s not in use as a guest room, make sure that there’s still ample room for your guests to settle in in comfort. If possible, remove any items, like office chairs that would be in your guests’ way.


Making Your Guests Comfortable

How many times have you been away from home overnight only to realise that you’ve forgotten an item like a bar of soap or the toothpaste? A nice touch that will be greatly appreciated by your guests will be a bale of fresh towels and some simple toiletry items like soap, toothpaste, shower gel and shampoo. Ensure the wardrobe has some empty coat hangers available for your guests to use.


Give Them A Great Night’s Sleep

Preparing a bed for your guests needs as much care and attention as you would give your own bed. It might be tempting to make up the guest bed with the old pillows from your own bed but this isn’t going to be appreciated by your guests. The ideal pillows for guest rooms are anti-allergy pillows which will provide a comfortable night’s sleep for your guests and take care of any allergies that you may not know about.

You may have made the bed up in the guest room some weeks or months before you have any guests come to stay. A great way to freshen up the linen on the bed before your guests arrive is to give it a light spray with a quality linen spray such as Vanilla and Tonka Bean Linen Spritz which is available from The Body Shop.


Perform A Spot Check

Try and see the guest room through the eyes of your visitors. Perform a military style room check, checking for dust on all surfaces, both high and low. Try the lights to make sure the bulbs are all working and make sure the alarm clock is set to the right time in case the clocks have gone forwards or back since the room was last used. Ensure the heating is on in the room at the same levels as the rest of the house.


We hope that using our tips will help you create a guest room that your guests will want to return to stay in time and again. If you have any guest room tips, why not share them with us by leaving a comment on this blog post?