Five Beauty Routines So Easy You Can Do Them in Your Sleep

Our busy lifestyles don’t always make time for us to be completing full body beauty regimes every day. The most you might manage to do before you hit the pillow is to quickly wipe off the day’s make-up and slap on a bit of moisturizer!

But did you know that there are lots of simple ways that you can continue your beauty regime during the night?

If you lack the time in your busy schedule to be juggling different creams and body products before bedtime, then take a look at just how easy it is to pamper your body whilst you sleep, and also how ‘getting your beauty sleep’ might have a whole new level of meaning!


Sleep on your back

Another simple way for you to incorporate your beauty regime into your sleep which you might not have thought about is to try and sleep on your back.

This tip is taken from Marie Claire who highlight that squashing your face into the pillow, which you might often do when sleeping on your front or side, could increase the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

According to Jesleen Ahluwalia, M.D., a physician from Spring Street Dermatology in New York City: “Repeated pressure on the skin, causing creasing, can eventually lead to set-in lines” as quoted in Good Housekeeping’s article.

Therefore, although it might take a bit of time to get used to, try sleeping on your back as this will help to reduce the pressure on the face which can cause wrinkles.


Condition your locks

Wake up with smooth, shiny and healthy hair by applying conditioner to the ends of the hair using a cream that’s designed to be left on overnight.

The benefit of leaving the conditioner on overnight is that this gives the treatment more time to work its magic and to penetrate into the hair cuticles for maximum moisture as recommended by Lauren Conrad’s blog suggesting 10 overnight beauty secrets.

Leaving your hair to nourish itself overnight may result in your hair looking a little greasy by the morning. However, don’t be put off trying the treatment as rinsing the hair with warm water will help to make your hair look vibrant again.


Nourish the feet

Your beauty regime doesn’t just concern the upper part of your body, therefore have you spared a thought for giving your feet a pamper?

Sitting on your bed moisturizing your feet and waiting for them to dry is a pretty lengthy process, particularly if you’ve ever experienced the inconvenience of needing to stand up and move around but your moisturizer hasn’t quite soaked into the skin.

The solution is easy according to the Metro’s article discussing beauty sleep tips. Simply purchase a pair of moisturizing socks from The Body Shop and enjoy waking up with softer feet!

These special socks help the moisturiser to infiltrate into the skin in order to make your feet silky smooth when you wake up in the morning. Holmer Park Spa outlined to us, “Many people refuse to believe that moisturising your feet can have a great impact upon the whole of your body and, from us, it comes as a strongly recommended must-do. It only takes a few minutes to moisturise each day but it’s well worth it and once you’ve done it, you’ll never look back.”


Sleep on Satin or Silk Pillowcases

Sleeping on pillows with a silk or satin case is another one of our top tips for continuing your beauty regime during the night.

In another one of our blog posts considering methods used to be a ‘beauty sleeper’, we looked at how sleeping on pillowcases made using silk or satin can help to keep your hair healthy during the night as this material can help to prevent hair breakage and split ends.

But did you also know that while sleeping on your back may help to reduce creasing and lines on the face, satin or silk pillows can also help prevent wrinkles forming which cotton pillows may cause.

We also recommend that washing but also changing your pillows every couple of years will help to avoid a build-up of bacteria on the pillow which will help to reduce the chances of your face coming into contact with germs.


Healthier and fuller-looking lashes

Thick, long and fluttery eyelashes are what we’re striving for with the many mascaras and eyelash lengthening kits that we spend our money on.

However in Brit + Co’s blog post looking at 40 ways to wake up looking gorgeous, applying castor oil onto your eyelashes every night is one way to keep them healthy and could even help them to grow longer!

Castor oil, a fatty vegetable oil which is rich in omega 6 fatty acids, vitamin E and proteins, means that its smooth texture can be easily absorbed into the hair shaft which can then retain the nutrient according to Michelle Phan.

Another natural oil that can help to moisturize eyelash follicles is sweet almond oil. Full of mono-saturated fats, vitamin E, magnesium and calcium, this was also recognised by Michelle Phan’s article as being a great tip to try for better-looking and healthier eyelashes!


Hopefully you will have seen that you don’t need to spend hours every evening trying to give your body a full beauty regime, as trying out a few of these top tips could be a much quicker and easier way of giving your body the attention that it deserves!