Five Must-Buy Bedroom Accessories This Autumn

The bedroom is your own personal sanctuary, but it sometimes suffers in comparison to other rooms when it comes to interior design.

Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t get seen as often by guests compared to other rooms like the living room, but it’s important to spend some time making it feel special.

Here are five bedroom accessories which will go some way to making things feel that little bit more comfortable and luxurious.


A comfy rug

If your bedroom has a wooden floor, make sure to add a comforting touch with a comfy rug.

Nothing is worse than stepping out of bed in winter onto a cold and hard floor, so soften the blow a little with a nice fluffy rug.

Even if your bedroom is already carpeted, a small rug next to the bed can still add some character and comfort to the room.

We like this Raskmölle striped rug from IKEA, handwoven by skilled craftspeople in India.



Somewhere to sit

While it’s all well and good perching on the end of the bed, it’s always nice to have somewhere else to take a seat in the bedroom.

Having a chair or stool in the bedroom gives you a space where you can sit and have a moment to yourself, perhaps to read a book or get ready in a morning.

It’s also really handy to have somewhere to sit and use your laptop or tablet, as we recommend keeping technology out of bed to help you get off to sleep.

Something such as this vanity stool from Amazon would be perfect!



Photo frames

While you don’t need to go over the top with bedroom photographs, choosing some special memories and people to decorate your room with is a perfect way to give you a smile when you wake up and go to bed every day.

Nowadays too many of our memories are saved on our phones or on social media, and nothing beats a genuine physical photograph!

It’s a great way to remind yourself of what makes you happy in life and bring a bit more life into the room.

We particularly love these real wooden frames from Etch’d, because they can be personalised with engraving to give them that extra special touch.



A mattress topper

Of course, it’s all well and good having beautiful accessories, but you won’t be able to enjoy them fully if you’re not getting a solid night’s sleep!

Mattress toppers are a great way to increase the life of your existing mattress and give yourself some extra support on your back and neck.

One of our most popular topper materials is memory foam, which moulds to the contours of your body to give you the ultimate level of support.



A nightstand

A good nightstand is a must for your bedroom and serves as the ideal place to keep everything from your bedtime reading to a lamp, and a plant or flower to a glass of water.

But not only is a nightstand functional, it also helps to tie the rest of the room’s décor together.

Have one on each side of the bed for you and your partner to give you each your own space for all of your creature comforts.

Check out this wall-mounted option from La Redoute.