Five Sleep Hacks To Kickstart Your New Year & Feel Great

To turn those weary eyes and yawns into wide eyes and wows, here at Sleep People we’ve compiled five top sleep hacks to kickstart your New Year and get you feeling great about 2016.


Join the Gym

Whilst it is no secret that physical activity improves our physical health, regular exercise also improves mential and emotional health. Cardiovascular workouts, which many of us rely on to lose or maintain weight loss also cause the release of endorphins which help to combat low moods, banish the winter blues and help us to keep the nightmares, and nightmare of trying to nod off at bay. So, if you run with any one New Year’s resolution in 2016, make running the one.


January Dryathlon

Another hack that offers a whole keg’s worth of positives, improved sleep being just one, is to consider taking part in the January Dryathlon organised by the UK charity, Cancer Research UK.

The Dryathlon Challenge involves abstaining from drinking alcohol for the first month of the year and was set up by Cancer Research UK to raise money for the research they carry out into curing and bettering the prognosises of those battling with cancers of all types. Those who take part though are not just doing their bit for charity.

Sp, to really kick the habit and kickstart 2016 with a healthier sleep routine, consider becoming a ‘dryathlete’ . To learn how, simply head over to the Cancer Research UK website.


Get Rid of the Gadgets

Before the title of this top tip has you in a cold sweat or anticipating nightmares, think about it. Yes, Christmas almost always means the house come New Year is brimful with new and exciting gadgets, perhaps even a bigger TV and a mountain of new movies. That is great, but by simply banishing those gadgets from the bedroom and resisting the urge to snuggle up in bed with the comfort of that iphone or tablet, you may just find you no longer require the comfort at all. Instead, you may just discover the comfort of decent night’s kip.

Gadgets, the bright lights they throw off and the games and movies we use them to play and watch all stimulate the brain and keep us awake and in a state of excitement. Considering this, it is no wonder so many of us use our devices to search for canny ‘sleep aid apps’ and the likes. The true hack when it comes to gadgets though, is to leave them outside the bedroom door and instead cuddle up to your partner, pillow or that book you’ve been meaning to get read for so long.


Add Some Colour to the Darkest of Nights, and Paint a Rainbow…Literally

One craze that became huge in 2015 and stocking item that topped the list come Christmas is that of the adult colouring book. We know, it doesn’t sound cool, but then what is cool about insomnia, eye bags, midmorning yawning or caffeine addiction?

Adult colouring has in fact been suggested to ‘lower anxiety, stabilise mood, increase attention span and serve as a sleep aid’ as reported by The Sun Newspaper in 2015. So, if you really cannot sleep at night, as experts advice that you don’t just toss and turn getting frustrated, this will only further hamper your chances of nodding off. Instead, find somewhere quiet and sit down for half an hour with a colouring book.


Bag the Perfect Bedding

Lastly, you can frantically colour, lock the drinks cabinet, run (literally) from the nightmare of insomnia and resist midnight youtubing, but if you are bedding down in old lumpy bedding or an age-old mattress, the chances are you are still in for a bumpy night. Fortunately, remedying this bedtime woe is easy; simply use that left over Christmas lolly to treat yourself to some new bedding or even an altogether new bed.

After all, most of us are will be hitting the January sales this year, so why not update your duvet or mattress too. What is more, you don’t even have to climb out of your PJs to do it; simply head over to our January Sale section right now to bag a bargain and kickstart the New Year by kicking last year’s bedding to the curb.