Five Summer Duvets Which Cost Less Than £20

With a great week of weather just behind us, for many, it’s well and truly the time to agree that summer is well and truly upon us. How long it will last is, as is always the case, debatable, however when it comes to your bedding, now is the time to make that switch from winter duvets (or for some of you who are lucky enough to have one for each season, spring duvets) to summer duvets. As such, we wanted to bring you a look at just some of our fantastically priced summer duvets, looking below at five which will cost you less than £20.


1. Silentnight Anti-Allergy Duvet – £9.99

The cheapest summer duvet in our range, the 4.5 Tog Silentnight Anti-Allergy Duvet starts from just £9.99 yet still offer you comfort during the warmer months of the year.  Many of us suffer from allergies throughout the year, however, these can be aggravated in the summer due to pollen and other allergens in the air and, as such, the last thing you want is your duvet making things worse. This fantastic Silentnight duvet won’t break the bank but will, above all else, help you to ensure you get a great night’s sleep.


2. Silentnight Cooler Summer Duvet – £11.99

With this 4.5 Tog Silentnight Cooler Summer duvet, you’ll be able to stay cool and comfortable thanks to the breathable cirrus fibres which allow both heat and humidity to escape. Without needing to spend a small fortune, you can have the confidence that you’re buying a duvet which you’ll get a great night’s sleep under on even the warmest of nights alongside knowing it’s non-allergenic due to being 100% hollowfibre.


3. Snug Summer Cool Duvet – £12.99

At just £12.99, the 4.5 Tog Snug Summer Cool Duvet is regarded by many as the perfect summer duvet, offering the benefits of anti-allergy protection whilst ensuring you remain cool and comfortable all night long. Offering dual protection against both dust mites and bacteria, you can ensure that any allergies won’t be aggravated by your bedding as well as knowing it’s fully machine washable, perfect for convenience! A ‘luxury polycotton’ duvet which you can pick up from just £12.99 is an absolute bargain and the reason why it’s one of our best selling summer duvets, offering a light, cool quilt for hot summers nights.


4. Silentnight Microclimate Duvet – £12.99

You’ll be able to stay cool all summer long with this fantastic Silentnight Microclimate Duvet, starting at just £12.99. Boasting a 100% hollowfibre filling alongside a smooth, breathable cover, you can ensure a great night’s sleep throughout the summer months. It’s fully machine washable at 40°C meaning if you need to, you’ll have no problems washing at home. For a duvet which is perfect for the whole family and won’t cost a fortune, we’re confident that this is one of the best buys out there!


5. Silentnight Deep Sleep Duvet – £16.99

A 4.5 Tog duvet isn’t for everyone, some much prefer the extra warmth which a 7.5 Tog one gives and if that’s you, why not consider the Silentnight Deep Sleep duvet? This luxurious summer duvet has been generously filled with soft spring like hollowfibre which provides extra warmth and comfort, even in the summer months. You’ll be pleased to know that the Deep Sleep duvet is fully non-allergenic and is even channel stitched to keep the filling neatly spaced. All in all, a great buy for those who want a little extra warmth yet still a luxury summer duvet!