Five Ways To Be More Productive When You’re Sleep Deprived


It’s fair to say that we’ve all spent more than a couple of days in the office coming off the back than a less than adequate night’s sleep, especially those with young children!

A lack of sleep can make it challenging to do your job to the best of your ability (to say the least), and the last thing you need on top of a long night is your boss getting on your back.

So with that in mind, here are five tips to help get you back in the world of the living and more productive, even if you are running on fumes.



Don’t jump into decisions

When you’re still trying to wake up, it’s pretty obvious that your brain isn’t going to be functioning at 100%.

As such, it’s probably wise to hold back on any decisions or email responses for a couple of minutes.

Chances are that whatever you decide or respond straight away won’t have been properly thought through, and you’ll start questioning yourself five minutes later once your brain kicks into gear.

Even for the smallest of things, give yourself ten minutes to think it over. It’s worth just playing things by ear a little bit rather than being the slightly deranged looking one jumping in with undercooked ideas at all the meetings.


Be extra, extra careful with emails

To be honest, this is a good tip to apply whether you’re tired or not, but make sure you check and double check who it is you’re sending your email to.

The last thing you want is to send that snarky email to the wrong person like this unfortunate soul.

These kind of disasters are way more likely to occur when you’re working on limited sleep and it’s a simple slip to click ‘reply’ instead of ‘forward’.

It’s always best to make sure that you only send emails that you would only be happy with your boss seeing.

Of course, this is a good tip to live by anyway as it ensures that you give off a good impression your colleagues and superiors.


Proofread and proofread again

In fact, you should extend the previous point to cover every single piece of work that you carry out.

We all make the odd spelling mistake, but you guessed it, you’re much more likely to do so when sleep deprived.

While one error now and then can be excused, it can be pretty embarrassing when you send off a document which is strewn with typos and mistakes.

We know you’re busy, but taking an extra five minutes to proof something really isn’t going to have that big of an impact on your day.


Leave the tough stuff for when you’re awake

Usually, we’d recommend tackling your more challenging work tasks head on, first thing in the morning, but not necessarily so when coming off a bad night’s sleep.

You’re obviously going to be much more switched on when you’re well rested, so wherever possible, postpone anything that’s going to be too taxing on your frazzled brain.

If possible, try and cram in a quick nap on your lunch hour. This way you can wake up feeling recharged and ready to take on the afternoon, having got all those boring admin jobs ticked off in the morning.


Talk to people

When you’re tired, you probably just want to get to your desk, bury your head and pretend nobody else exists.

But actually being social and chatting to your colleagues can go a long way to helping you wake up.

Engaging in conversation gets your brain ticking, as you need it to be able to string sentences together, listen to what the other party is saying and put together a coherent response.

All of this gets your brain in motion and more likely to be focused on the work day ahead.

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