Guarantee a Warm Bed with an Electric Blanket

We might officially be in the season of spring, but unfortunately the weather isn’t reflecting it at all! With the flurries of snow and dropping temperatures over the last few weeks, it’s been a miserable affair as we supposedly move into the beginning of spring. However, with the right tools, you can make sure you stay cosy and warm as though it was the middle of summer!

The cold weather can often affect our sleep, with dropping temperatures disturbing us in the night and making us reach for another blanket. However, before you do that again, you might want to consider the benefits of an electric blanket.

Comfortable and toasty

Whether it’s snowing outside or the sun is finally starting to shine, having a warm bed is a godsend when you’re craving a comfortable night’s sleep. Electric blankets are a great step up from normal blankets, giving you a boost of warmth that may be well-needed in the British climate!

Fitted under the bottom sheet of your bed, they also act as another soft, comfortable layer for you to sleep on. What’s more, they can be helpful if you have aching muscles and joints, as the heat from the blanket can increase blood flow which in turn will reduce any aches and pains.

Helping you to relax more, having an electric blanket can also reduce the level of humidity in your bed, which will help to get rid of dust mites to keep your bed that little bit more hygienic. So, if you’re an allergy sufferer, you may feel an improvement in your sleep with an electric blanket fitted.

Use your electric blanket for your feet or whole body; the choice is yours.

Safe to use

Electric blankets are often avoided, especially by cautious parents, as they used to be somewhat of a safety hazard. Thanks to modern technology and improvements in design, electric blankets now adhere to strict safety standards so that you can rest easy.

Features now include overheat sensors so they can be used through the night if needs be, while others will have an auto shut-off option if you don’t fancy having it on all night.

Made with ultra-thin wires, you won’t feel a thing while you drift off to the land of nod. Other helpful features also include rapid warm-up times for a quick blast before you jump in, while some electric blankets will have variable temperature options so you can find the optimum level of warmth that’s right for you. The Silentnight Comfort Control electric blanket has most of these features.

Advanced electric blankets will even be linked to your smartphone or Amazon Echo system, so you can control your blanket remotely. Allowing you to start warming your bed while you’re still sat on the sofa, what could be better? The Silentnight Dual Control electric blanket offers this.