Holiday Sleep Tips

summer-bedroomWith the holiday season very nearly upon us we thought we’d talk about our favourite subject, sleep, but in terms of how to get a good sleep whilst on holiday.

Camping Holidays

There’s lots of family fun to be had with camping and caravanning holidays – there’s even some evidence according to an article in the Exeter Express & Echo which suggests that camping holidays may improve your child’s performance at school, health and happiness.

Camping holidays are a great opportunity to get back to basics, leave the technology at home and enjoy a fun family experience together. This doesn’t mean to say that we have to leave all our creature comforts at home. In fact you’re far more likely to enjoy your camping holiday if you’re comfortable at night in bed.

Our top tips for sleeping under canvas are

  • Take your duvet and pillows from home – they will be more comfortable than a sleeping bag.
  • Don’t forget that it gets cold in the small hours of the morning, even during summer – make sure you take a winter duvet.
  • Invest in a good airbed – this is one area where you don’t want to penny pinch – a double height airbed will be massively more comfortable than a standard airbed.
  • Take some ear plugs – if the sound of the birds waking up at 4am will disturb your sleep, you’ll be glad you took some earplugs.


Holidays in Hot Climates

If you’re jetting off to a warmer climate you might find the heat at night takes some adjusting to. In fact you might find that you don’t adjust at all and that your holiday becomes a tiring experience because of the inability to sleep.

Heres’ some tips for staying cool at night in hot climates – assuming you don’t have air conditioning.

  • Ask at reception for a room fan – even if there’s one already in the room, reception will often have some spare fans
  • Wear loose pyjamas – loose fitting PJ’s preferably cotton ones will help you keep cool
  • Don’t do ‘Spoons’ – cuddling up in bed is great for romance but not so great for sleep comfort in hot climates. Try to resist cuddling up.


Long Haul Flights

Getting to sleep on a long haul flight can help you recharge your batteries for the often tiring experience of the arrivals lounge, baggage collection and and onward journey home. Sleeping whilst sat up, even with the airplane seat reclined isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Don’t board your flight thinking that you’re guaranteed to catch up on some sleep. Unfortunately you can’t predict what the flight or your fellow passengers will be like, so don’t try and wear yourself out for the flight – it could be a very long journey if you’re already tired and external factors make it impossible for you to sleep.

Here are our sleep tips for when you’re flying long haul.

  • Take some earbuds – useful for blocking out the sounds of annoying children whether you’re trying to sleep or not.
  • An eye mask – will allow you to create your own personal dark zone to help you sleep.
  • A neck pillow –  for extra comfort when you recline your seat to sleep.


Why not Share your Holiday Sleep Tips?

We love getting feedback from our readers and we love picking up some of your great ideas too. If you have a favourite holiday sleep tip you’d like to share, leave us a comment with your sleep tip.