How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need?

There is no magical number to pull out of the air as to how much sleep a child of a certain age needs. Every child is an individual and therefore many factors may affect the amount of sleep they actually require.

“Even though you cannot put an exact figure on the number of hours of sleep necessary for each child, there is an average amount suggested for each age group,” Dr Vivek Shah from Weedon Dental Surgery says, to help give you some idea of what to aim for with your children:


Birth To 3 Months


6 – 12 Months


2 Years


4 Years


8 Years


16 Years



Sleep is very important when it comes to a child’s welfare, without the right amount of sleep they are more likely to become hyperactive and argumentative and cause problems in their day to day life. Their behaviour will be more unpredictable and life will certainly become more stressful if your child has not had enough sleep.

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