How To Choose The Perfect Duvet Filling

One of the keys to getting a great night’s sleep is having a duvet which keeps you warm in winter yet cool in summer and the trick to this is to choose both the right filling and the right Tog. Of course, with a number of different duvet fillings available, from feather and down to synthetic fillings, it can be difficult to know which is the perfect filling for you. To try and turn this difficult decision into an enjoyable shopping experience, here’s our top tips for choosing the ideal duvet.


Natural Fillings

Natural Feather and Down duvets are often the most popular purchase, given that they’re warm, soft and breathable. When it comes to choosing this type of duvet, however, it’s important that you opt for a quality product rather than a cheap one. A down cluster is comparable to a dandelion head and, as such, it traps a lot of heat whilst a feather is, as we all know, long and thin. With this in mind, a duvet with a high ratio of down is lighter than a feather duvet as more feathers would be needed to fill it. Going back to the quality, larger down clusters retain more heat whilst also meaning a lighter duvet. If you want a warm yet light duvet, a natural feather and down one is the perfect choice for you!


Synthetic Fillings

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re looking to purchase a synthetic duvet, perhaps due to a previous experience with natural fillings aggravating allergies, the most common offering you’ll find is a microfibre filling. Microfibre, if of a good quality, can feel almost like silk and when used as a duvet filling, is often compared to a similar feeling and weight to a down duvet, albeit flattering quicker. The other common synthetic duvet filling is hollowfibre, one which is thicker than microfibre and, as such, results in a heavier duvet. Be sure, if you’re opting for a synthetic filling for an anti-allergy duvet, to ensure the one you purchase has been treated with an anti-allergy chemical.


Choosing The Right Tog

Of course, whilst the filling is an important deciding factor when choosing a duvet, so is the Tog rating and, as a general rule, it is suggested that you opt for a 4.5 Tog duvet in the summer months, a 9 Tog duvet in spring / autumn and a 13.5 Tog duvet in winter. Having three different duvets (especially if there’s a whole family with three or more beds in the house) often isn’t practical, however you’ll readily find all-seasons sets which contain both a 4.5 Tog and a 9 Tog which can pop together during the winter, meaning, at most, you’ll only ever need to store one additional duvet per bed.


Above all, maintaining a comfortable body temperature whilst sleeping is one of the key factors to getting a good night’s sleep and buy buying both the most suitable filling as well as the correct Tog rating for the season, you can be sure that if you can’t sleep, it’s not because you’re using the wrong duvet!