How to Choose the Right Bathroom Towels

Your bathroom towels go through a lot; used daily by the household, they are great for keeping us dry and clean as well as being taken to the gym, drying your dog after a walk or even wiping up a muddy floor. You may think that choosing your next set of towels is easy, but it’s not always as straight-forward as you think!
It’s important to think of more factors than just the feel of the towel itself; yes, it may be extra soft but there are other crucial aspects to remember too. The size, colour and other more technical stats should all come into play to ensure you get the most of your towels. Give your bathroom some style as well as a practical solution to some post-shower relaxation! After all, there’s nothing worse than drying yourself off with a cheap, uncomfortable towel.

Choosing the right material and GSM

For cosy, luxurious bathroom towels, 100% cotton is perfect. Cotton fibres can hold up to 25 times its weight in liquid, making it incredibly effective for use in a towel. Incredibly absorbent, cotton fibres naturally attract water. Most towels are made from standard cotton, with variations including Egyptian cotton or even Turkish cotton.
Another important factor when shopping for bathroom towels is the GSM, which stands for grams per square metre. The more GSM a towel has, the greater its weight and absorbency. In other words, low GSM towels are light and thin, while high GSM towels are thicker and heavier. Anything around 350-400 is light, while high GSM can include anything from 450-600 and upwards.

Choosing the size

Consider what you’ll be using your towel for; is it for use at the gym, for the kids or is it a luxurious towel for use in your en-suite? This can help you decide on the size. Hand towels can also be used as a wet hair towel, while face cloths can also be used in the shower.
Bath towels are the standard size and provide ample material to dry and cover yourself with. If you want to go all out, consider a bath sheet which is a larger size. The Silentnight 100% Cotton 2-piece bath sheet set is ideal if you really want to wrap yourself up in luxury!

Colour and style

If you’ve already decorated your bathroom, why not choose a towel colour that matches? It can complete the look, especially if you have a towel rail to store them on. If you’d rather not, go for a contrasting colour that adds some extra colour to the room.
Consider if you have a dark-haired pet, or you often wear fake tan; this could sway your decision in favour of a darker shade to prolong the life of your towels! The Jeff Banks Pure Cotton set in black could be the perfect choice in this instance. If not, you can’t go wrong with classic fluffy white or cream.

So, if you’re on the hunt for new towels to complete your bathroom, follow our handy guide so you know what to look out for!