How To Create A Romantic Bedroom For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day sometimes gets a bit of a bad rap from people claiming that it’s just an excuse to get us to spend money, and that every day should be a day should be a day to celebrate your love.

While we can’t disagree with that, it’s still a great opportunity to create some special memories for you and your partner.

While we’re not the right ones to help you out much when it comes to gifts or date ideas, there’s one area we do know a lot about… the bedroom (purely for sleeping in of course!)

With that in mind, here are a couple of ideas to create that perfect romantic bedroom atmosphere; ones which don’t have to break the bank either!


Tidy Up!

Ok so it’s not the most romantic of starting points, but we know how cluttered bedrooms can get.

Think about it, all those old clothes and other bits and bobs lying around hardly sets the tone, so first things first, make sure you’ve decluttered the room and got everything ship shape so you can start sprucing things up.

The last thing you want is your loved one walking into the room and getting distracted by tidying up first!

Not only does this allow you to get started with your decorating, but your partner will thank you later for doing something that you’ve both been putting off for too long!



Getting the lighting right is one of the most important elements to creating your romantic love nest.

If you’ve got the option to do so, dimming your lights instantly transforms the atmosphere of the room, creating a relaxing and romantic ambience.

If you aren’t able to dim your main light, just turn it off and use smaller lamps, or go one step further…



Not having that dimmable light may be a blessing in disguise if it turns out to be an excuse to break the candles out!

Experiment at placing them in various parts of the room until you get it just right. If you do choose to go with candles, it goes without saying, be careful!

You don’t want to be getting singed, or even worse setting fire to your meticulously decorated bedroom!


The Colour Of Love

When you think Valentine’s Day, you think of the colour of passion and romance, red. This doesn’t mean heading down to B&Q and painting the room scarlet, but some hints of red can really change the feel of the room.

Things such as pillow cases, throws and of course roses are a good idea and don’t have to be anything too expensive or permanent.

Less is more here, but at least a little bit of colour is necessary to create some atmosphere.


New Bedding

If you’ve both been struggling with a rock solid mattress or ugly duvet cover, why not surprise your partner with some new bedding!

We have some super luxurious options in stock such as the simple but sophisticated Romano silver/grey set or this incredibly soft luxury Sherpa throw.

Again, this is an investment that will not only help create the ultimate Valentine’s Day but is a long term investment that you can both enjoy for many years to come.


Wall Decorations

While having the perfect bed lit with candles is a great starting point, having bare walls will detract from the overall look a little, so see if you can find some suitable wall decorations.

Taking the time to make your own decorations may take up some of your precious time and effort, but it’ll show you partner that you really care! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy either, they’ll just appreciate the effort.

If you’re not the arty type and can’t be bothered making your own decorations, just put up some special photos of the two of you throughout the length of your relationship.

If you didn’t fancy the candles earlier, why not dig out those fairy lights you’ve just taken down and drape them along the walls?


Sound & Smell

It’s not enough to just make the room look incredible, you need to engage all of the senses!

As we’ve said, candles are already a romantic staple, but why not go for a slightly more fragrant option?

Just be careful not to overdo it, some of those scented candles can be really overwhelming.

Music is also a fantastic idea. Play on their emotions by picking out some tunes that remind you of when you first met, or a song that you both love.

Stimulating all of the senses creates a much fuller experience and really transport your loved one to a romantic paradise.

Whether you buy into Valentine’s or not, we hope you found these tips helpful and hope you have a great Valentine’s day no matter how you choose to spend it!