How to Decorate Your Bedroom Without Spending too Much Money

There’s nothing quite like kicking off 2013 by giving your bedroom a fresh lease of life by decoration.

Quite often our bedrooms, even though we spend approximately 8-12 hours a day there, are the rooms which get decorated the least; often waiting years for that fresh lick of paint for which it so desires.

Besides kitting it out with a gorgeous luxury bedding set, what else can you do for your room without having to break down the walls of the nearest bank?


Search through the thrift

With a little bit of knowledge and the sharpest pair of eyes in the room, you could spot some of the greatest bargains in antique, charity or thrift shops.

Although some people don’t quite like the idea of buying their bedroom furniture second-hand, some of the greatest and most beautiful pieces can be found that way.

Of course, if you’re all for doing it online, then e-bay is more popular than ever with many shops making their living through that market alone; giving you peace of mind that you’re dealing with some of the best online retailers.

Rummaging through these places is especially good if you’re keen on getting that rustic feel to your bedroom; one of the more traditional and most comforting styles around.




Make your own art

As we head into 2013 the joy of making your own art has never been cheaper or easier. With a few paints, a dab hand with a brush and a canvas, the world really can be your oyster.

Of course, if you want to make something a little bit more than just a painting, for example, you could have a go at making your own furniture.

Although buying some of the materials for it can be quite expensive these days, people have been known to make some of the most wonderful objects and artwork by picking up driftwood at the nearest beach and sculpting something amazing from what they find.

Making art out of driftwood is relatively easy and if you have the right materials, it can be fun! Just remember to let the wood dry out and bleach it to make sure you get rid of any pests and insects that may be lurking inside!

Here is a great blog that can give you some ideas and inspire you to make some of the most stunning driftwood around.




Make use of the natural light afforded to you

Sometimes if you’re short on the cash, even the smallest of changes to your bedroom can make a huge difference!

By simply changing a set of blinds into a set of beautiful curtains you can free up some space and enjoy some of the natural light that is available to everyone.

Of course, you can always buy new lights relatively cheaply and with so many designs and varieties on the market, you’ll be able to find the lighting set that fits your style.

This BBC blog can show you how to get the best of the lighting that is available to you.