How to Dispose of your Old Mattress

So, you are about to treat yourself to a new mattress from the great selection we have here at Sleepy People, and now you face a fairly big, mattress shaped problem; how to dispose of my old mattress? This may well have been the last thing on your mind when you ordered your new one, but it could well cause you a lack of sleep, if not a lack of space unless you come up with a solution. This blog post looks at some ways of getting rid of your old mattress, one of which will hopefully be the right solution for you.


What Condition Is It In?

This isn’t a silly question. Not everyone gets a new mattress because their old one is bursting at the seams. You may be replacing a perfectly serviceable mattress because it doesn’t support you enough or you’re switching from a pocket sprung mattress to a memory foam one. In any case, if the old mattress still has plenty of life in it, it might well be accepted by a charity furniture centre. The real beauty of this is that the charities, such as Age Concern often collect the items free of charge. 


If It Really Needs to Go in the Bin

If your mattress isn’t good enough to donate to charity, fear not! All is not lost. Many councils across the UK provide an uplift service to their residents which is either free of charge or, at worst, comes at a very reasonable fee. These services are designed to remove the temptation for people to fly-tip their unwanted goods. 

Check the website of your local council for details. This type of service can usually be found on the refuse collections page or failing that you may need to make a quick call to the council’s helpline. Most councils that offer this service make a collection on a specific day of the week, on which you need to leave the mattress outside where it can be seen from the roadside. 


My Council Doesn’t Have An Upload Service – What Now?

Mattresses generally aren’t recyclable because they are made up of fabric foam and metal which aren’t easy to separate. As such, if you’ve exhausted the options above, there probably is no alternative than to take the mattress to the tip.

Don’t despair though, this might not be as bad or as difficult as it seems. The easiest way we have discovered of getting a mattress into a car is to roll it up and secure it with some luggage straps, which are easily available from cycle stores and can be reused afterwards.


To roll the mattress, you’ll probably need to enlist the help of a friend or partner. It’s certainly a lot easier to get the luggage straps on and tightened up if you have a second pair of hands. Once the mattress is rolled and tied, it should fit into the boot of most saloon or estate cars, ready for its one way journey to the tip.

Hopefully, disposing of your old mattress won’t become a stressful event. If the worst happens and you have to take the old one to the tip, you can do so in the knowledge that you’ll be able to ease your aches and pains later when you snuggle down on your new comfortable mattress that night.