How To Get The Best Nights Sleep When Staying In A Hotel

We all love our own bed; whether its because of a certain pillow or the material of your sheets, everyone’s bed is special to them. Unfortunately there are times when we have to abandon our sacred hammocks for the unpredictability of a hotel room and here at Sleepy People, we want you to have the best possible nights sleep wherever you lay your head which why we have put together 5 tips for getting a great nights sleep in a hotel.


Pick The Right Accommodation

Your destination will dictate where you stay to some degree, but hopefully there will still be a number of options on offer within the area, regardless of your needs and requirements. If you are taking a city break but hate the noise of the city, why not opt for accommodation slightly further out, or even specify for a room away from the road if possible?

Choosing the right hotel is the first step to ensuring you get a great night’s sleep as the wrong one will add to worries and stresses of the trip. Of course, on the other hand, families, couples and solo travellers alike are opting for serviced apartments, offering a real home-from-home environment; something which we all know can help contribute to a great sleep.


Keep Your Daily Routine

Of course you can’t keep to your normal routine, and if you are on holiday, nor should you, but one thing that makes the transition to a hotel smoother is taking along some of your regular comforts. Do you ever spend five minutes moaning about the standard of the complimentary tea or coffee? Why not take your own? Hate the way the hotel shampoo makes your hair all dry? Remember to pack your own.

Whilst these are all things that have very little to do with sleep, they are one less thing to get frustrated with, and therefore your brain has more chance of being less active when you decide to turn in, letting you get off to sleep quicker.


Your Before Bed Routine

We all like to do certain things before bed which we feel eases us off to sleep. Whether it’s watching television, reading a book or playing a game on your tablet, we all have something personal to us.

When you stay away from home we either abandon these or simply forget, which makes getting to sleep tricker than usual. Next time you are packing for a trip away, why not make sure whatever you need comes along with you.


Take Your Own Pillow

Whether you are in a budget motel or in a five star super hotel, seemingly nothing can quite beat the comfort of your favourite pillow. Instead of tossing and turning on the hotel pillow, why not take your own along?

Yes, you cant realistically pack all of your own as they can be very space consuming, so why not pack one in the top of your suitcase to rest your head on and give your hotel stay a pinch of home comfort?


Pack Your Usual Night Wear

Something plenty of us fail to remember when packing for a hotel stay is our regular pyjamas or nightwear. This leave us less comfortable, compromising in our underwear, making a stay feel instantly alien compared to a usual nights sleep.

To ensure this isn’t something that disrupts your sleep, make it a priority to pack your nightwear before you leave. Another thing which often bothers people and can be easily avoided is walking bare footed on the hotel room carpet.

If the idea of feeling the hotel carpet between your toes bothers you, make sure you pack plenty of socks or even pack a pair of slippers.

Hopefully at least one of these tips will help you have a much more enjoyable nights sleep when you are away from your beloved home bed. If they have, or you have any more tips then please do not hesitate to comment below.