How To Justify Spending More On The Right Pillow For Your Sleep Style

We’ve all at some point in our lives experienced the frustration of not being able to sleep. The more your toss and turn, the more frustrated you feel at the fact that you haven’t slept a wink.

Another problem with sleeping using the wrong pillow may also result in you waking up in the morning with pains or aches in your neck or back. If any of these issues sound familiar to you, then it’s perhaps time that you considered at replacing your pillows.

There are lots of reasons why sleeping using the right pillow is important, and here at Sleepy People, we believe that spending that little bit more on ensuring that you get the right pillow is worthwhile.

Sleep has an important impact on our health, so if your pillow is preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep then it’s time to do something about it!



We all sleep in different positions

Whether you’re tightly curled up clutching onto the duvet for extra warmth or stretched out across the bed in a starfish-like position, it’s clear that we all have our own preferred sleeping positions.

Ensuring that your pillow suits your sleeping position is crucial as this can play a huge part in how comfortable you are, and consequently, how well you sleep.


Side sleepers

If sleeping on your side is the position which you tend to find yourself sleeping in, then you’re amongst the 74% of people who prefer this sleeping position.

For side sleepers, we would recommend trying a medium to thick pillow, such as a high-fill down pillow, a medium-fill synthetic pillow or even a memory foam pillow. Why not take a browse through our collection of side sleeper pillows.


Front sleepers

16% of people choose to sleep on their fronts, however, due to the potential increase of postural pains, indigestion and other common problems, this isn’t everyone’s first choice of sleeping position.

Whilst stomach sleepers could find it preferable to sleep without any pillows at all, we would recommend giving your head and neck support, even if this is only low level. Opting for a much thinner pillow such as a low-fill synthetic pillow would be best to try as suggested by Web MD.


Back sleepers

If you aren’t a side or front sleeper, then perhaps sleeping on your back is your preferred choice of sleeping position!

A medium-fill pillow, for example, a high-fill down pillow, memory foam pillow or a medium synthetic pillow could be best to try if you’re amongst the 10% who are comfiest sleeping on their backs.

We have an extensive range of pillows suitable for back sleepers, why not take a look here.



Improved support for your frame

Choosing the right pillow is all about ensuring that you are as comfortable as possible in order to prepare you for a peaceful night’s sleep. For people who experience aching either in the neck or back, it’s especially vital that they are supporting their bodies in the correct way.

Your pillow can play a vital part in impacting how the neck aligns with the spine. Whilst the right pillow can help in alleviating your frame and providing support, the wrong pillow can result in causing increased tension and pain.

In the above section we highlighted the importance of ensuring that your pillow suits your sleeping position, for those of you who may have experienced pain and aching during the night, we have a number of suggestions for suitable pillows to assist in reducing or preventing pain.

Orthopedic pillows are a great way of targeting neck pain and work by helping to correct your body position to ensure your frame is properly aligned.

Our Bedcrest Memory Foam Contour Pillow is a fantastic choice for helping to combat neck pain. This specially designed contoured pillow works by individually moulding to your body for maximum support and comfort.  The ergonomic shape of this pillow also helps to reduce tension experienced in the neck.

Sleep is a fundamental part of helping to keep our bodies healthy and giving it the time it needs to be able to rest and restore itself. Keeping your body healthy and comfortable is difficult to put a price on, which is why we would suggest paying that little bit more for a good quality pillow is certainly a worthwhile investment.

Should you require any further assistance in matching the right pillow for your sleeping position, then please feel free to contact our a member of our team here.