10 Ways To Get A Great Nights Sleep During A Heat Wave

British summer time sis finally upon us, which is particularly welcome this following a particularly grim winter!

However, as glorious as the sun’s heat is during the day, it is an altogether different beast at night. Whether at home or abroad, we have all experienced those uncomfortable, sweaty, sticky nights where even finding the cold side of the pillow seems impossible.

This discomfort is boosted further during those heat waves which seem to strike once or twice every summer.

At Sleepy People, we care about your comfort and want to help you get the best nights sleep possible. With the heat very much upon us, here are 10 ways to get a great nights sleep during a heat wave.


 1. Strip Down

Pyjamas are almost certainly a terrible idea on a particularly warm evening. Shed your layers until you feel more comfortable and embrace sleeping naked if possible.


2. Open Windows

Depending where you live this isn’t always achievable, with noisy traffic only adding to the difficulty of sleeping. However, if you can get away with it, letting that cool evening air can help a bunch.


3. Use A Summer Duvet

It’s very sensible to have at least two types of duvet; a winter duvet with a high tog rating and a lighter summer duvet with a low tog rating.


4. Use Air Conditioning Or A Fan

Providing you can put up with the noise of either machine whirring away in the corner of your bedroom, these are the best way to get that much needed cool breeze circulating.

The National Sleep Foundation give the very sound advice that the temptation to use air-conditioning in places such as motor homes should be avoided. This can be very dangerous if a vehicle is not moving because it can cause a build-up of carbon monoxide.


5. Remember That Heat Rises

It is important to remember that heat rises. You’ll quickly discover that in an evening, the difference in temperature to a first or second-floor bedroom in comparison to a ground floor living room can be huge.

If things become utterly unbearable, it is worth considering whether you can sleep downstairs.


6. Stay Hydrated

You should do your best to keep as hydrated as possible over the summer anyway, but keeping an ice cold glass of water close to your bed can keep you refreshed and help bring your core temperature down.


7. Close Blinds & Curtains

While it goes against the original use for them, closing your curtains and blinds during the day whilst the sun is directly shining on those windows can make for a much cooler room in the evening.


8. Use An Ice Pack

If you have a cool box, take the ice pack from it, wrap it in a towel or pillow case and use it much in the same way you would use a hot water bottle.


9. Create Your Own Cool Spray

Find yourself an old spray bottle and fill it with icy cold water. Spray it on your face for quick relief if things get a little overwhelming during the night.


10. Take A Shower Before Bed

While the obvious move would be to have a cold shower before bed, this is actually the wrong move. Having a cold shower means your body overcompensates, attempting to warm you up afterwards.

Instead, have a lukewarm shower, which will lower your temperature without the possibility of your body trying to warm you back up.


There is no getting around the fact that trying to get to sleep when it is overly hot is about as frustrating as it gets. While there is no definitive way to hold back the raised temperatures of a heat wave, using a combination of these tips should give you the best chance.