How to Stay Warm in Winter

Join the nation in cosying up this winter as we celebrate the return of snuggle season.

As the days and nights grow colder now that the clocks have turned back, evenings are gradually getting darker.  It’s the perfect time to focus on making our homes warm and snug, not just for comfort but for our overall wellbeing too.

If you’re looking for ways to stay warm this winter, look no further. We have all the cosy must-haves you need to keep you snug. From heated throws and cuddly duvets to fleecy bed linen and oversized hoodies. Not forgetting our bestselling electric blankets.

Here are a few simple tips to keep the chill at bay. Let’s cosy up and find out more!

How to stay warm at home

Layer Up

First, layer up with warm clothing like jumpers, socks, and blankets. Dressing in cosy layers can help you conserve body heat without needing to crank up the thermostat.  Cue our Silentnight Snugsie range. These cosy heroes will soon become your BFF.

Our Silentnight Snugsie Oversized Hoodies are available for both kids and adults. They’re so soft and warm inside that you’ll never want to take them off, especially when you’re lounging at home.

And if you want to snuggle up with your family, then you have to try our Silentnight Snugsie Giant Blanket. It’s bigger than a king-size bed, which means you can grab the whole family and snuggle together while watching your favourite movies.

A heated throw is like a warm hug on demand! Using the Silentnight Luxury Heated Throw is a perfect way to save on heating costs and stay snug and warm. With 9 heat settings, you can customise the temperature to your liking, and the snuggly fleece material will wrap around you like a soft blanket.

Warm up your space

Rather than cranking up the heat for the entire house, a fantastic way to stay warm at home is by creating your cosy sanctuary. Make the most of your windows by keeping them closed when it’s chilly outside and drawing the curtains. However, don’t forget to throw them open to let in the warming sunshine during the day.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to warm up a room, portable radiators are a great option. You can easily control the temperature and move them to wherever you need the most heat, which is super energy-efficient. They’re great for those who work from home or need to warm up their bedroom at night. Check out the Silentnight Oil Filled Radiators, which come in two sizes and give you quick, long-lasting warmth. They keep their heat even when turned off, so you can enjoy the benefits of a toasty room for longer.

Sipping on a delicious hot drink such as tea, coffee or a yummy hot chocolate can help you feel comfortable and warm, perfect for staying warm in winter.  Drinking a hot beverage can raise your body temperature, making you feel more cosy, happy, and relaxed.

How to stay warm at night

Feeling cold at night can make it hard to sleep. It’s uncomfortable, and your body may struggle to stay at the right temperature. This can lead to waking up often during the night and not getting good rest. To sleep better, it’s important to stay warm and cosy.

Winter bedding

Snuggling up in a cosy bed during winter is the perfect hibernation. Sinking into plush pillows and cocooning yourself in high tog duvets with fluffy bed linen sounds like ultimate winter goals. We have a collection of bedding that will do just that.

For enhancing your comfort and warmth our Silentnight Self Heating Mattress Topper is a must. You can enjoy cosy warmth without the need for electricity. The mattress topper features a unique heat reflective foil layer with a thermal lining to keep you snug all night. Plus it adds 7.5 tog of extra warmth to your bed.

Turn up the warmth of your duvet. In winter it’s important to choose a higher tog rated duvet. A higher tog duvet provides more warmth, so opt for a 13.5 tog or a 15 tog. The Silentnight Warm and Cosy Duvet is available in both togs and designed for colder months. Team this up with the Silentnight Warm and Cosy Pillows for an extra snuggly night’s sleep.

Combine your winter pillows and duvets with soft and snuggly bed linen. The Silentnight Teddy Fleece Duvet Set will make staying warm in winter effortless.

Electric Blankets

Imagine snuggling up in a warm and inviting bed on a chilly night. With our bestselling Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket, you can make this dream a reality. Not only will the electric blanket keep you nice and toasty, it’s also energy-efficient, costing from as little as 1p to heat up. With 3 heat settings, you can adjust the temperature to your liking, Additionally, this electric blanket has built-in overheat protection, ensuring that you can sleep soundly and safely. Say goodbye to cold, restless nights and enjoy the ultimate comfort with this must-have heated hero!

If you and your partner have different temperature preferences, a dual control electric blanket is the solution. The Silentnight Yours and Mine Electric Blanket allows you to heat each half of the blanket independently, putting an end to any bedtime bust-ups. With separate controllers, you can both enjoy the warmth you desire without disturbing each other’s comfort.

Join The Hiber Nation

We invite you to join the Hiber Nation and embrace snuggle season with us. As winter draws in, it’s time to transform our homes into warm and snug sanctuaries. We have designed our selection of cosy essentials to help you find comfort and warmth. So, come join us in the celebration of all things snuggly, and make this winter a season to remember.


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