Is It Time to Air Out Your Spring Duvet?

As February has already managed to creep up on us, this means that we are well on our way to leaving winter behind us as we head into the spring season!

Along with blossoming daffodils, lambs, chicks and longer days, spring also means that the weather will be increasing in temperature – fingers crossed!

As you’ll probably know or have experienced for yourself, the right temperature for your bedroom and bed can really make a difference and affect your quality of sleep.

As a result, now would be the perfect time to start thinking about airing out your spring duvet to prepare for the warmer months ahead!


Tog ratings

Paying attention to the tog rating of your duvet is pretty essential as to whether you’ll be clutching at your partner for warmth, or whether you’ll be adopting a starfish position on the outside of the duvet as you desperately try to cool down.

To put it in simple terms, tog rating is a scale of the warmth of your duvet, and refers to the effectiveness of the material’s thermal insulation, therefore the tog rating and filling can affect the weight, softness and warmth of your duvet.

The scale ranges from lightweight and cool low tog duvets at 1.5, to much warmer and perhaps heavier duvets at a level of 15. Therefore the lower the tog the cooler the duvet, but the higher the tog rating the warmer your duvet will be.


Which is the right tog rating for each season?

As choosing the right duvet is so important to helping your body feel comfortable and relaxed so that you get you can enjoy a good night’s kip, you’ll be desperate to know which tog rating is the best for each season!

When you’re out shopping for a new duvet, make sure you bear in mind the season you will be using it for, and that the lower the tog rate the cooler the duvet will be!

During the cold winter months, the chances are you probably used a duvet to keep you warm and cosy through the cooler evenings, therefore toasty winter duvets usually hold a tog rating of about 13.5 to 15, perfect for keeping snuggly!

However, as we’re quickly heading towards spring, it’s important that you accommodate for the changing temperate by altering your duvet to a tog rating which is more suitable for spring’s climate, most likely a 10 tog duvet.

As spring can be a bit of a funny month as it may still be a little chilly, it’s important to make sure that your duvet is still warm enough to keep you cosy, but is not as warm as your winter duvet! This is also a similar case for autumn, when the weather is becoming gradually cooler but you can’t quite warrant changing to a winter duvet too early on!

When we eventually head into summer, you could have two choices to go for! A 4.5 tog would give you a lighter option, perfect if we’re lucky enough to have a hot summer season, however if the summer months are little cooler, then a 7.5 is still a light duvet but will provide you with a little more warmth!

We at Sleepy People understand the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, so to help ensure that you get your full quota of sleep, you can browse our range of duvets seasonally, which includes a wide variety of spring duvets so that you can be prepared for the forthcoming months!


Want more flexibility?

We also understand that it might not be as easy as choosing a lighter or heavier tog duvet, particularly if your partner prefers a slightly different temperature to you. Don’t worry though as we have the perfect solution! Our two Cool and Cosy options mean that both you and partner can sleep peacefully no matter your preference of duvet temperature!

Lastly if you want the flexibility of having a duvet that you can easily switch form season to season, we can fix you up with one of our All Season Duvets. Consisting of two separate duvets, you can simply keep the two together to form a 13.5 tog duvet, or separate them so that you either have a 4.5 useful for summer or an even warmer 9 tog great for Spring! Choosing the right duvet for you has never been easier!