Is it time to change your bedding?

You probably don’t give a lot of thought to how often you should replace your bedding. Your bedding serves a really important purpose. You need you bedding to provide a comfortable, warm place for you to get the sleep that’s vital to your health. So how do you know if it’s time to change your bedding – perhaps you bedding is telling you. This blog post looks at the tell-tale signs that it’s time to replace your bedding.

Who’s been sleeping in my bed?

You have probably spent many nights under you existing bedding. If in that time you have had a sleep partner who is no longer around, it might be time to get rid of all memories of them by renewing your bedding. If you have a new sleep partner, they will really appreciate the departure of the old bedding too.


Can you feel every spring?

If you have a conventional mattress it will have some form of spring mechanism inside. The springs  are usually contained in a metal frame that runs around the perimeter of the bed. Over time the springs will press into the soft padding of the mattress which is laid over the top, and so get closer to the surface that you sleep on.

Sometimes the spring mechanism starts to make a noise as you move around at night. This is an inevitable part of wear and tear on a spring mattress.


All you should know about the springs in your mattress is that they are there. If you can hear them or feel them then it is definitely time to replace your mattress. You might even consider replacing your mattress with one that doesn’t contain any springs. Memory foam mattresses are solid foam mattresses that disperse your body weight evenly. With no springs to make a sound or their presence felt they are a good choice for a mattress that will serve you well into the future. Check out the range of memory foam, memory foam and sprung mattresses and conventional sprung mattresses here at Sleepy People.


Do you ache when you wake?

A classic sign that there’s something not quite right with your bedding is if you ache for around half an hour in the morning when you wake up. Assuming you have no medical conditions that would cause you to ache, waking up with a dull ache that lasts for half an hour is a sign that your bedding is not offering you appropriate levels of support.

If your neck and shoulders ache first thing, it is a good sign that your pillows are in need of replacement with ones that offer you more support. Here at Sleepy People we have many types of pillow to choose from including natural filling pillows, memory foam pillows, hollow fibre pillows and latex pillows.


Time for positive action

If you find that your bedding is in need of replacement, you should not try and put this off for another time. We all rely on being able to sleep well in order to stay well and perform every task we do to the best of our abilities. If we find our bedding is the cause of poor sleep, we owe it to ourselves to replace it as soon as possible.