Keeping Your Bed Bug Free

protectorWe’ve all used the saying ‘Night night, don’t let the bed bugs bite’ without actually giving much thought to the reality that we may well be sharing our bed with bed bugs. Viewed under a microscope, these creatures look truly gruesome. Bed bugs see our beds as a perfect habitat. It’s warm, dry and has a ready food source. This blog post will help you identify if you have bed bugs and provide you with some tips to make you bedroom less attractive to them.

Do I Have Bed Bugs?

A post on the bedding blog of Brown’s of Weston gives us some helpful ways in which we can look out for signs of bedbugs.


  • Perhaps the most obvious but least desirable way to find out is to discover a series of red bite marks. Bed bug bites are often a series of bites in a straight line.
  • Brown or reddish stains on bedding
  • A smell of coriander in your bedroom
  • Bed bugs will often hide out in the seams of your mattress and headboard and may also live in the carpets. Carefully pull back the seams of your mattress to check for small redish-brown insects.


How Do I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs can be a troublesome pest to get rid of. For small infestations you may be able to get rid of them yourself. Larger infestations will need professional help. An article on the NHS Direct website recommends contacting your local council or a professional pest control company that is part of the British Pest Control Association.

Bed bugs don’t like clean spaces, so be meticulous in your cleaning routine. Remove all bedding and wash and dry it on as high a temperature is possible. Only when the bedding is removed should you begin to vacuum the whole bedroom. Make sure when vacuuming that you reach as far under the bed as possible. Use the vacuum cleaner’s attachments to Hoover all around the bed frame and headboard. Pull back and folds or seams in the mattress and vacuum along them. Lift the mattress off the divan base or bed frame and vacuum thoroughly beneath it.

If you have a steam cleaner, use the attachments to steam the mattress and bedframe. The high temperature steam will help kill any remaining bed bugs and will also kill dust mites if they are present too.


How To Prevent Their Return

In order to prevent the return of bed bugs it is important that you keep up the cleaning routine all around the house but particularly in the bedroom. Wash your bedding at least once a week and continue to vacuum the room thoroughly.


Restoring Your Peace Of Mind

Getting your peace of mind back after an infestation of bed bugs isn’t easy. A real helper in the prevention of bed bugs and a low cost investment are mattress and pillow protectors. Mattress and pillow protectors should be removed from the bed and washed weekly along with the other bedding. Adding a mattress and pillow protectors will also help protect you from dust mites which are a major cause of allergies and affect sufferers of Asthma.


Hopefully this article will have given you the tips you need to be free from bed bugs and get back to saying ‘night night, don’t let the bed bugs bite’ in a light hearted way, not as a precaution.