Mattress Toppers: Memory Foam vs. Feather – Making The Right Purchase

If your mattress is coming toward the end of its life, instead of shelling out on a new one, why not buy a mattress topper instead?

A topper will cost you a fraction of the price, and will breathe new life into the mattress and hopefully give you a better night’s sleep.

There are a couple of factors you’ll need to bear in mind before making a purchase though, one of which is the material.

We’ve taken a look at two of the most popular options, memory foam mattress toppers and feather mattress toppers, to help you make your decision.

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Memory Foam

Memory foam is our most popular material for pillows and mattresses, and the same goes for toppers such as the Impress from Silent Night.

Memory foam is a spongy material which softens in reaction to your body heat, allowing it to mould perfectly to the contours of your body, and spring back to its original shape.

Memory foam mattresses are so popular because they are supportive but also comfortable, although this also means they are amongst the more expensive products.

On the other hand, a memory foam mattress topper can give you the benefits of a mattress, but at a much lower cost.



  • The unique properties of memory foam allow you to literally sink into it for optimum comfort, but it also provides ample support.
  • This support can be a great help to those who suffer from neck or back pain, and can help prevent it in those who don’t.
  • A benefit of memory foam that many people overlook is that due to its lack of springs it’s also very quiet. Perfect if your partner keeps you awake tossing and turning.
  • We stock a range of different thicknesses so you can have one as firm or as comfy as you like.
  • Memory foam lasts a lot longer than other materials, and so you shouldn’t need to replace one for a while.



  • Any memory foam product needs to be aired for a couple of days before use. The chemicals used can emit a pretty unpleasant odour at first!
  • They can get quite warm as they hold in your body heat, so if you find you have a problem being too warm at night, you may want something a little more breathable.


Goose/Duck Feather

If you want a slightly more comfortable and luxurious mattress topper, why not try out one filled with goose or duck feather such as this one from Rest Assured?

These toppers are super soft and comfy, although they don’t quite offer the firmness and support of memory foam.



  • The softness and comfort of a feather topper is unparalleled.
  • They are also very durable and should last you a couple of years.
  • The softness should let you sink into mattress and stop you moving around while you sleep.
  • Unlike the memory foam options, the natural filling allows feather toppers to regulate their temperature, keeping you warm during winter and staying cool during summer.



  • If you suffer from aches and pains, a feather topper isn’t going to give you the firm support that you need.
  • You may find that the individual feathers start to poke through the topper, although this shouldn’t be a problem if you buy a good quality one!
  • As with all feather products you may need to fluff them up every now and then if they get out of shape!

Which mattress topper is right for you depends on your own personal preferences and needs.

If you suffer from any form of neck or back pain, we’d definitely recommend memory foam.

But if you’re after a slightly more luxurious and softer option, goose or duck feather may be the way to go.

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