Natural vs Synthetic Filled Duvets – Which Is Best For You?

Whilst many opt for a synthetic filled duvet due to suffering from allergies, many people luckily don’t have this problem and, as such, have to make the often difficult decision of which filling to purchase when shopping for a new duvet. The most common fillings in duvets are synthetic or down, however just what is the difference and will choosing one over the other really help you to get a better night’s sleep?


Natural Filled Duvets

Those who sleep under a natural filled down duvet swear by them and claim that there’s no better way to get warm and cosy. There’s nothing worse than feeling cold in bed during the cold winter months and it’s certainly the case that natural filled duvets keep you so warm due to it settling over you and filling the gaps. Of course, add to this the volume which down occupies and it’s easy to see why you’ll never be cold when sleeping under this type of duvet. Down has been proven to have a much greater insulating power than any synthetic duvet filling on the market today and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.

A high quality natural filled duvet (such as the Silentnight Feather & Down duvet) will last a lifetime so long as it’s well looked after, with dry cleaning being carried out at least once a year if you want to maintain it’s loft and fill power given that machine washing will generally see these lost to a certain extent.

Last but not least, down boasts natural moisture-wicking properties and so long as you’re using the right Tog rating for the current season, you’re unlikely to feel as sweaty as you would under a synthetic duvet.

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Synthetic Filled Duvets

Whilst a synthetic duvet will never have quite the same feel as a luxurious down duvet, there’s a number of reasons why you might consider this option. Firstly, if you suffer from allergies, down and feather duvets can aggravate this making them a big no-go. If this sounds like you, your best option is a synthetic filled duvet which you’ll be able to sleep under without having to worry about sneezing or having your allergy triggered.

For those not suffering from allergies, however, synthetic duvets can still be a great option and much of this comes down to how easy they are to care for. You shouldn’t ever run into problems putting a synthetic duvet through a washing machine (either at home or the laundrette depending on the size) and if you’ve got pets who like to sleep with you, this is a definite plus point!


Something else which draws many to synthetic filled duvets is the cost. You can easily pick up a decent quality synthetic filled duvet (such as the Silentnight Deep Sleep Duvet) for under £20, which, when compared to a quality down one is extremely competitive! Whilst price isn’t always everything, for those on a low budget, it means they’re able to purchase a warm and cosy duvet at a great price.

Lastly; you may be interested to know that dust mites are less attracted to synthetic fillings than natural ones and whilst down is great at trapping air, that also means it’s great at trapping dust mites and whilst non-allergy sufferers may not be too bothered, mites can cause hygiene and health issues which further backs up the importance of regular care and cleaning.

As a general rule, the quality of synthetic duvets in recent years has increased considerably, with products such as Silentnight Just Like Down Microfibre duvet offering a synthetic filled duvet which comes about as close to down as you can get (without opting for down itself) to the real thing. In an ideal world, we’d all sleep under luxury down duvets, however in reality, that’s never going to happen and it’s great to know there’s a wide range of options out there suitable for all!

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