Our Top 5 Tips to Help You Spring Forward

spring-forwardThis weekend sees the least popular of the annual clock adjustments. At 1 a.m on Sunday morning, the clocks go forward by one hour to British Summer Time which will bring us lighter evenings, but also rob us of an hour’s precious sleep. In this article we look at 5 top ways of coping with the clocks going forward and sleeping on lighter evenings and mornings.


Going To Bed An Hour Early

Probably the best way to get to grips with losing the hours sleep on Sunday is to get an early night on Saturday night. By doing this you’ll still get your regular amount of sleep and so you won’t feel as though you have been cheated of any sleep.

Even if you don’t go to bed early but keep your regular bed time, make sure that you set the clocks in the house one hour ahead before you go to bed. That way you won’t have a reminder in the morning that you’ve lost out on an hour’s sleep.


Lighter Nights Need Darker Rooms

Perhaps the hardest adjustment to make after the clocks go forward is sleeping on lighter evenings. This can be a real problem for young children whose bedtime occurs when the sky is still very light. Trying to get to sleep in a very light room is quite a difficult thing to adjust to and for good reason. Our bodies are programmed to shut down and go to sleep in lower levels of light, so lighter evenings can really throw a spanner in the works.

A simple way of darkening the room is to hang some thicker or lined curtains that stop the light penetrating into the room. If you’re ok with a little DIY and even more effective way of darkening the rooms is to fit a blackout blind.


Lighter Duvets For Warmer Nights

Along with lighter evenings come warmer evenings which again pose a problem when trying to get to sleep. Not only are we likely to be restless, tossing and turning more than usual, but the warmth is also prohibitive to sleep in a similar way that light is. Our bodies cool down by between 1 and 2 degrees as we go to sleep. To help your body cool down by this amount, now is a good time to switch to a lighter duvet. Duvets made out of cool-feel breathable materials such as the Silentnight Egyptian Cotton Duvet bring a real benefit to those who overheat at night.


Choose A Cool New Pillow

There’s little surprise that we feel our heads get too hot when you consider that we lay our heads on pillows with a depth of between 3 and 5 times our duvets – added to that is the warmth that comes from our own hair.

Pillows such as the Snug Temperature Control Pillow are made with fillings that are extremely cool and breathable. There are even cooler feel memory foam pillows such as the Silentnight Cool Zone Memory Foam Pillow.


Workout To Sleep Tight

With summer coming and the opportunity to look great on the beach in your swimsuit, it’s perhaps time to start doing a little exercise in the evening. The benefits of half an hour on the cross-trainer will not only show on your legs, bum and tum but will also leave you tired and ready to sleep.