Silentnight’s guide on how to stay warm for less this winter

As the colder months draw near, the rising cost of energy bills will be on the minds of many this winter. Silentnight has partnered with broadcaster Alice Beer, who has drawn upon her years of experience as a consumer expert, to share some affordable top tips for beating the winter chill.

Whether it’s considering small changes to your everyday routine, such as putting your thermostat on a timer to heat the house at the most effective times or using alternatives to central heating to keep yourself warm during cold evenings, Alice’s tips are here to provide guidance.

Alongside these helpful hacks, Alice also shares her essential energy saving products that can help lock in the heat this winter and keep you toasty for less.

Read on to find out more.

1. Heat your bed not your bedroom

More and more people are realising that electric blankets cost as little as 1p to warm your bed, so turning down your bedroom thermostat and using an electric blanket will save energy and make your bed cosy to climb into at night.

Using your electric blanket throughout the year for one hour a day will cost you between £12 – £15, as opposed to turning the thermostat up by just one degree which is going to cost you somewhere in the region of about £80 over the year.

In addition – if you don’t want to use electricity at all, why not try a self-heating mattress topper? They are proven to retain more heat in your bed than just a protector.

2. Take a look at your tog!

Check the tog of your duvet and see if you should be swapping to a more suitable winter weight such as 13.5 or 15 tog.

You can always double up two summer duvets in one case if a particularly cold evening catches you off guard, but a tog of 12 plus is best for the colder months.

3. Snuggle when you sit

If you are sitting still for much of the day or have an inactive elderly relative it might be worth investing in a heated throw.

Cheap to run, costing from 1p per hour, and easy to control, it is a good way to keep you cosy when you stop moving. If you sit together as a family in the evening, a supersized blanket is ideal for snuggling up.

4. Layer your clothing

Trapping warm air in layers of clothing is scientifically proven to keep you cosy and snug in the home.

Follow the three-layer rule. A base layer of a polyester vest or similar to wick moisture away from your skin, a mid-layer of a loose top or sweater, and a final layer to lock in the heat such as a Snugsie or an Oversized Hoodie.

 5. Toasty toes 

Most people agree that if their toes are cold, they feel cold all over.

Swap your cotton socks for cosy woollen ones as cotton will keep any moisture near your skin and chill your feet. Keeping your toes toasty, especially during the chilly evenings, will help your body feel warm all over.

6. Remember the young too

Much focus rightly is on keeping the elderly safe through the winter months, but many young people and students will be finding they cannot afford to have their heating on and their mental health and mood will be suffering. Next time you are gifting a young person consider a cosy oversized hoodie for them to snuggle into. There are many brightly coloured and reasonably priced and you will be very popular.

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